(National Sentinel) Lying Liars: Fired FBI Director James Comey, whose post-bureau life has been filled with anti-Trump and anti-GOP animus, falsely claimed during his two appearances before the House Government Oversight Committee this month that “Republicans” were the first to ‘fund’ the bogus Steele dossier.

The dossier “alleges a vast conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russian government to influence the 2016 election,” The Daily Caller notes and was used — by Comey and the FBI — to obtain FISA court warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. But the document’s most salacious claims have never been corroborated.

“I remember being told that Steele’s work had been funded first by Republicans opposed to Trump, then by Democrats opposed to Trump,” Comey said at one point during Monday’s interview, according to a transcript.

“It was Republicans opposed to Trump, and then it was Democrats opposed to Trump,” he said later in the same interview.

He made the same false claim during testimony earlier this month.

“I thought [Steele] was retained as part of a Republican-financed effort — retained by Republicans adverse to Mr. Trump during the primary season, and then his work was underwritten after that by Democrats opposed to Mr. Trump during 110 the general election season,” Comey said Dec. 7.

He later said it was important that investigators understood that the dossier was “a politically motivated effort, first by Republicans, then by Democrats.”

Democrats and several “mainstream media” journalists have repeated the same lie.

Fusion GPS, the firm that produced the dossier, was indeed hired by Republican donor Paul Singer, owner of the right-leaning site the Washington Free Beacon, to conduct opposition research on then-GOP contender Donald Trump.

But — and here’s the difference — “executives with the website and with Fusion GPS have said that they discontinued the Trump research effort after it became apparent that the real estate baron would win the GOP nomination,” The Daily Caller reported.

It was after Fusion ended its Singer-financed research of Trump that the firm was hired by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC, which led to the firm’s hiring of Christopher Steele, who compiled the dossier. All of this research was paid through a cut-out law firm, Perkins Coie.

Thus, the Steele dossier was completely separate from Singer’s initial effort.

And Comey knows that.

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