Kellyanne Conway: POTUS Trump ‘not backing down’ from border wall

(National SentinelFight On: Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway said Wednesday that despite appearances, POTUS Donald Trump is not backing down from his demands for border wall funding.

“The president is not softening his stance” on the wall, Conway told Fox News‘ “Fox & Friends” morning show.

“He has a responsibility to keep the government moving, and he has a responsibility to get border security. If he could do it by himself, he would have done it already,” she said.

She noted that the Senate passed a prison reform bill on Tuesday (easily, in fact — 87-12), but when it comes to border security, “[Democrats] are walking away, and I think that’s why some of them lost (the midterm election), to be honest with you.”

Though POTUS appears to be relenting on his pledge to shutter parts of the government if he doesn’t get his requested $5 billion in wall funding for FY 2019, Conway insisted that he still has “leverage” he can use over reluctant lawmakers including Republicans who “often take the path of least resistance.”

“The president has said that he is willing to do what he has to do to get that border security, including a government shutdown,” she said. “Now, we’ll see what the Senate and the House, when they come together, what they present to the president. We don’t know if it’s going to make it to his desk.

“That’s why he is working the phones and inviting them all in here. He had the Democrats last week. The cameras were on — transparency, accountability. But they also need to get serious about making a deal. They’ve got a lot of left-wing elements in their party now pulling them away from common-sense solutions like enhanced border security,” Conway added.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade reminded Conway that House Republicans passed a spending bill that also did not contain any wall funding, despite the fact that they are still in the majority until early next month when Democrats take over (and wall spending becomes a dead issue).

“And let people see that,” Conway said, adding that the president has “other ways” to get the money he wants.

We’ll see.

This shouldn’t be an issue. Border security used to be a bipartisan concern until the Swamp saw that Donald Trump, who made it a centerpiece of his 2016 campaign, was actually serious.

Instead, Congress looks set to pass “prison reform,” which wasn’t even on Americans’ radar screens. Meanwhile, a federal agency is getting ready to ship (waste) $10.8 billion in funding to Mexico and Central America for “jobs” initiatives. That’s more than twice the amount POTUS Trump was requesting for the wall.

What a crock.

If this doesn’t prove how out-of-touch lawmakers are and how little they regard voters real priorities, nothing will. — Jon Dougherty

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