(National Sentinel) Tyranny: Anyone who takes an impartial view of what is happening to Michael Flynn has to conclude he is the product of an American justice system in crisis.

On a day when Congress and POTUS Trump passed “prison reform,” Flynn was standing in a courtroom being lambasted by a federal judge over allegations of misdeeds and wrongdoing of which he’s never been charged.

Flynn was supposed to be sentenced by U.S. District Judge Emmitt Sullivan for admitting to one count of lying to FBI agents over a conversation he had as incoming national security adviser for the president with Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak — a process crime for which he was very likely set up.

Instead, Sullivan went off on a tangent, even accusing Flynn at one point of ‘selling out’ the country and that he might actually be guilty of treason.

Treason. Like Benedict Arnold kind of treason.

As constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley observed in a column for Fox News Tuesday, “that’s absurd.”

Keep in mind that Flynn pleaded guilty to this process crime of “lying” to FBI agents even though neither of them who interviewed him at the White House on Jan. 24, 2017, actually believed he lied to them.

That alone proves that Flynn was being targeted by the “Deep State” if you will: Those unseen forces who ‘run things’ in D.C. and who have a visceral hatred for Donald Trump.

Flynn’s ongoing nightmare also proves very clearly that two systems of justice not only truly do exist in America today, but that it is the official standard operating procedure.

There is one system for Republican “purists,” constitutionalists, and Trump conservatives, and one system for “the elite.”

Turley uses this example to emphasize the point:

The most worrisome statement by Judge Sullivan involved Flynn being a foreign agent as national security adviser. Flynn’s work as a lobbyist has been raised in the investigation, but this was work Flynn did before he became national security adviser in the White House and was unrelated to the Russia investigation.

Yet the judge cited Flynn’s lobbying on behalf of Turkey as an aggravating factor he was considering in sentencing Flynn – despite the fact that this was not being used by the prosecutor as an aggravating factor.

Flynn has never been accused of being a foreign agent as national security adviser. Flynn did retroactively declare that his work between August and November 2016 as a lobbyist “could be construed to have principally benefited the Republic of Turkey.” That work was not for Russia and such retroactive declarations are not uncommon.

Indeed, various figures like Democratic powerhouse Tony Podesta (brother of Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta) filed the same retroactive declaration under the Foreign Agents Registration Act involving the same underlying work for the same country.

Violations under Foreign Agents Registration Act (until the Mueller investigation) were rarely prosecuted as criminal matters. The vast majority of cases were matters of simple filings and fee payments, or in a few cases civil penalties.

The failure to file as a lobbyist for Turkey under the Foreign Agents Registration Act hardly makes Flynn the modern-day equivalent of Benedict Arnold. It makes him the Republican version of Tony Podesta, who is enjoying his retirement in his home in the upscale Kalomara neighborhood of Washington a few doors down from the former President Obama and his family.

The same thing could be said for Bill and Hillary Clinton. Their foundation was found very likely to be in criminal violation of federal tax codes and other nefarious actions including using it as a personal piggy bank.

Meanwhile the New York attorney general, Barbara Underwood, just forced the Trump Foundation into settling a lawsuit filed over very similar allegations — sans evidence, mind you, just allegations.

The difference here is that a private analytic firm founded by former federal investigators actually discovered evidence of Clinton Foundation wrongdoing.

The Clinton Foundation is also based in New York. But Underwood, a Democrat, couldn’t care less about what’s happening over there.

How long can this two-tiered system of justice last? How long will tens of millions of Americans put up with being abused by elitists who persecute them simply because of the choices they make at the ballot box?

And how about this relentless pursuit of a president whose only “crime” was winning an election?

We’re seeing that play out now — against Flynn, against Paul Manafort, against Michael Cohen, and against the president himself.

‘They’ are going after his businesses, his family, his acquaintances, his Cabinet, his friends, his associates — and anyone else who gets in the way.

Rebellions are born of desperation. They generally begin when a plurality of citizens come to believe there is no other alternative because the established political and social systems have been co-opted by a self-proclaimed elite and used to punish anyone who challenges the established order.

The Democrat-aligned Deep State may be able to cheat the system for now. But they can’t cheat history. - Jon Dougherty

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