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College ‘allows’ students to pass out copies of Constitution — after TWO-year battle

(National SentinelCivics: If you ever really wondered just how committed the Marxist American Left was to the destruction of our founding principles, this should demonstrate it about as clearly as possible.

The Los Angeles Community College District has agreed — finally — to allow a student to pass out copies of the U.S. Constitution that are written in Spanish without having to confine himself to a restrictive regimen of rules.

As reported by Campus Reform:

Pierce College student Kevin Shaw was handing out Spanish-language copies of the U.S. Constitution in November 2016 when an administrator told him that he would have to confine his activity to the school’s “free speech zone.” The school told Shaw that he would have to apply for access to the 616-square foot zone and that his failure to comply would result in his removal from campus.

After the incident, Shaw sued the school for violating his First Amendment rights with the help of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. The Department of Justice then filed a statement in support of his case.

The college filed a petition to have the suit dismissed in January, but a California district court threw out the petition because the school asserted the public campus was a “non-public forum.”

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Community College District agreed to settle in part by revoking the unconstitutional policy of claiming all colleges within the district are “non-public” forums, thereby effectively removing free speech restrictions placed on 150,000 students.

“I wish it hadn’t taken two years for my school to conclude I had a right to free expression,” Shaw told Campus Reform. “All the same, I’m thankful to know future students won’t have to worry about being harassed for expressing political opinions.”

We do too, Kevin, but alas, the Marxist Left is really, at its core, authoritarian, undemocratic, and certainly unconcerned with protecting and promoting the Bill of Rights.

In any language.

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2 Comments on College ‘allows’ students to pass out copies of Constitution — after TWO-year battle

  1. The BIG problem, is that whenever the Left loses, there is NEVER ANY punishment.

    Did you read even ONE word about punishment for this College ?

    Until THAT changes — then the ONLY change is going to be for the WORSE — just as it HAS been, for the past 50 years

  2. Right on, Marco, and that is because the Left is governed by the BORG, and as we all know . . . BORG are above the law.

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