CNN’s Chris Cuomo actually takes the side of border agents after death of 7 y/o girl

(National SentinelUnexpected: Once in a while, a member of the Democrat Party’s propaganda wing, otherwise known as the establishment media, will surprise us by shunning partisanship and standing up for what’s right for America.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo did that Friday night during his show.

As reported by The Daily Caller:

Nery Caal and his daughter, Jakelin, crossed the border illegally on Dec. 6 and then surrendered themselves to border security agents. Based on where they were and the number of people they were with,  border security was required to transport them in two rounds. During the second round, Jakelin fell ill. She ended up dying.

While the rest of the pathetic media piled on the U.S. Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection following the death of a 7-year-old migrant girl from Guatemala who died from dehydration, Cuomo pleaded for his audience to blame those who are really responsible — and it’s not American border agents.

“Jakelin and her father were not abused, at least not by the men and women working for the U.S. The people who organize these new mass caravans, often on false pretenses, they need to be called out and investigated,” Cuomo began.

“On the long ride to processing, the father noticed Jakelin was having trouble breathing. The officers called ahead for EMT support. They were still far away. It was there when they arrived,” he continued.

“The girl was rushed to the hospital. It took time because they were still far. CBP let the father go with the daughter to the hospital. That’s not what the law would suggest, right? He was under arrest. But it was the right thing to do. It is illegal to cross. We know that,” Cuomo noted.

“But humanity is part of the job on the border. They know that, and he needed to be there, and he was. She didn’t make it. She was revived more than once, and her father was with her. This is terrible. It’s just terrible. It hurts. It hurts because we’re allowing it to happen,” Cuomo added.

Don’t demonize people working on the border with false allegations. Don’t demonize those desperate enough to do something like this father did for his daughter from Guatemala. Walls matter,” he said.

“But this stare-down between the president and the Democrats is a deadly distraction. It’s not a single-issue problem. We’re not a wall away from safety. This system is killing people.”

survival frog

While a wall certainly would be the kind of deterrent that dramatically discourage attempts to break into our country illegally, at least Cuomo got it right by calling out Democrats for their refusal to work with the White House and Republicans on smart reforms for our immigration and asylum laws.

Will they listen? We think we know the answer to that.

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You guys capture the perfect Cuomo frame. Frickin’ hilarious. Talking heads.

Don McCoy
Don McCoy

Cuomo sides with the Border Patrol? Where’s he going to be hired next week?

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