(National Sentinel) Classy: Nothing good that POTUS Donald Trump does will ever placate the perpetually triggered and angry American Left, but what he did for a 10-year-old girl battling stage four brain cancer this Christmas is worthy of high praise indeed.

Cleveland resident Oliviah Hall has been battling a brain tumor since 2017 after being diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade IV. She was able to meet POTUS Trump during his midterm swing through Ohio and had a picture taken with him and her family.

Eventually, POTUS signed the photo and inscribed these words, “I love you, President Trump.” He also gave her a presidential challenge coin.

This week, Special Agent in Charge Jon Schuck with the Secret Service hand-delivered the signed picture.

Team Oliviah-Facebook


Team Oliviah-Facebook


Team Oliviah-Facebook


Team Oliviah-Facebook

As for Schuck, he had nothing but praise for the young fighter, according to local media.

“Her personality is something else,” he said. “She lights up a room.”

Tina Rausch, her aunt, said she took the call from the Secret Service.

“But, we didn’t know they were bringing an autographed copy of the photo we took,” she said.

After an initial aggressive round of radiation treatment with chemotherapy after first being diagnosed, Oliviah’s tumor returned earlier this year. Now, the disease is affecting her short-term memory.

However, she’s not been forgotten. The family says on a good day they receive 1,000 cards and letters of support including one recently from singer Carrie Underwood.

“She smiles and is happy in the moment, and so we’re going to keep doing what we’re doing,” said Rausch. “We want to look back and remember Oliviah was happy.”

The photo is bound to help — both Oliviah and her family.

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