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Walls work: DHS says border agents stop 10 potential terrorists PER DAY from entering U.S.

(National SentinelBuild It: Democratic House and Senate leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, respectively, made a mockery of border security on Tuesday when they met in the Oval Office with POTUS Donald Trump.

The meeting turned contentious, and quickly, with POTUS Trump pledging to shut down the government when funding runs out Dec. 21 if he doesn’t get his requested $5 billion to begin large-scale construction of his border wall.

Proving that neither Pelosi nor Schumer was really serious about border security, both insulted the president after the meeting, alternately blaming him for throwing a “temper tantrum” and questioning his manhood.

“It’s like a manhood thing for him,” Pelosi told Hill Democrats of Trump’s wall obsession, according to a source who leaked it to the New York Daily News, not exactly a pro-POTUS paper. “As if manhood could ever be associated with him.”

So much for a serious discussion.

Democrats ‘offered’ $1.3 billion, but that’s not enough. Not only that, both tried to hoodwink POTUS into agreeing to a continuing resolution rather than a solid budget because they know come January their party will control the House, and that’s where spending bills must originate, per the Constitution.

A continuing resolution spending bill would expire in a few months, so there goes the wall funding.

It all proves that Democrats are simply not serious about border security, but they ought to be.

In a press release Tuesday evening, the White House noted that the Department of Homeland Security “stops an average of 10 known or suspected terrorists each day from entering the United States.”

Meanwhile, it’s become clear that Democrats (and some RINOs, to be sure) “have blocked all efforts to secure our southern border and protect our communities.”

It wasn’t always this way.

“In 2006when their base was different, Democrats were singing another tune. Back then, party leaders such as Senators Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Schumer himself all voted for the Secure Fences Act. Democrats openly admitted that stronger border security was essential for a safer America,” the press release noted.

The fact is, walls/barriers work. The White House press release included some eye-opening stats regarding the effectiveness of barriers:

Democrats claim America doesn’t need a wall to protect its southern border. Common sense says otherwise—and so do the numbers.

Building walls at key sections of the border caused illegal traffic to drop by 90 percent or more in the years that followed:

  • San Diego, CA (built in 1992): Illegal traffic dropped 92 percent over 23 years
  • El Paso, TX (built in 1993): Illegal traffic dropped 95 percent in 22 years
  • Tucson, AZ (built in 2000): Illegal traffic dropped 90 percent over 15 years
  • Yuma, AZ (built in 2005): Illegal traffic dropped 95 percent over 9 years

After Democrats took over the House later that year, the defunded the Secure Fences Act, so not all of it was built. It remains the law of the land, but the GOP never re-funded it once they regained control of both chambers.

“The Democrats’ priority is clear, however: They would rather keep the U.S. border open to illegal immigrants than keep the Government open to serve American citizens,” the White House noted.

True. But POTUS Trump has another approach to wall funding: The Defense Department.

The president asked Defense Secretary James Mattis this week to plus-up his budget request from $700 billion in FY 2020 to $750 billion.

“The wall will get built,” the president wrote on Twitter Tuesday. “If the Democrats do not give us the votes to secure our Country the Military will build the remaining sections of the Wall.”

Because border security is national security.

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