(National Sentinel) Third Way: As Democratic candidates line up to vie for their party’s 2020 presidential nomination, a #NeverTrump GOP activist and establishment lobbyist is courting the like-minded to form a coalition around former Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Sen. Mitt Romey, RINO-Utah, who has lost two bids for the presidency.

Juleanna Glover, during a day-long meeting of anti-Trumpers that getting to the “path to 270 [electoral votes] might not be that hard,” Breitbart News reports.

Glover’s plot is for Biden to pick Romney as his running mate and for them to run on a one-term party unity ticket pledging to address and fix a variety of problems facing the U.S. She added that the two of them could pull enough votes from both parties to earn a victory with less than 50 percent in many states.

This is something desperately necessary, she said, because POTUS Trump’s populist faction currently dominates the Republican Party.

“This is Trump’s toy now … I don’t see a path to reclaim it,” she whined. “I have no hope that Trump’s GOP will…be a home for people with college degrees or master’s degrees,” she noted.

Democrats can’t be entrusted to turn POTUS Trump out because “the system is broken…I think we should break it further. We should destroy the two-party system,” she told an event called “Starting Over: The Center-Right After Trump” sponsored by the Niskanen Center, a libertarian, business-funded group.

She noted:

I know: It sounds crazy. But the narrow path to electing Biden as the first president outside the two-party system in 168 years is more navigable than most think. Just look at the numbers. A historic high of 61 percent of Americans would like to see a third-party bid, according to Gallup. Trump’s approval rating is holding steady below 50 percent. The Democratic Party seems to be drifting inexorably leftward, suggesting an opening in the center.

First of all, POTUS Trump is the difference-maker that an electoral majority of Americans were looking for. Secondly, if the Democrat Left whines about losing to GOP candidates after “a majority of voters” backed their candidates in 2000 and 2016, how does Glover think they’re going to react to a three-way loss?

There’s nothing wrong with starting a new political movement. And she’s right in that the Democrats are lurching towards socialism and Marxism. But offering swamp creature Biden and milquetoast Romney isn’t something we’d call a “solution” to our nation’s problems.

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