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It was a TRAP: Sentencing memo in Mike Flynn case proves Comey’s FBI was trying to set him up

(National SentinelDeep State: A sentencing memo for former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn filed in federal court by special counsel Robert Mueller provides the clearest evidence yet that the retired three-star Army general was set up in a perjury trap by James Comey’s FBI.

According to a portion of the memo posted online, FBI agents were sent to question Flynn at the White House on Jan. 24, 2017, just four days after POTUS Donald Trump was inaugurated.

The memo makes it clear that Flynn had no idea he was being interrogated. What’s more, fired Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Comey’s second-in-command, instructed the agents — one of whom was former counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok, who has also been fired — not to inform Flynn he was being interrogated for the specific purpose of ensnaring him.

The memo reads, in part:

Prior to the FBI’s interview of General Flynn, Mr. McCabe and other FBI officials “decided the agents would not wary Flynn that it was a crime to lie during an FBI interview because they wanted Flynn to be relaxed, and they were concerned that giving the warnings might adversely affect the rapport,” one of the agents reported. Before the interview, FBI officials had also decided that, if “Flynn said he did not remember something they knew he said, they would use the exact words Flynn used…to try to refresh his recollection. If Flynn still would not confirm what he said…they would not confront him or talk him through it. One of the agents reported that General Flynn was unguarded during the interview and “clearly saw the FBI agents as allies.”

Here is the full document.

One thing to remember here is that Flynn was director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for nearly three years under President Obama. Flynn knows how the intelligence community operates.

Specifically, Comey’s FBI was attempting to trip up Lt. Gen. Flynn over a conversation the bureau knew he had in December with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak. Flynn wasn’t doing anything wrong by talking with Kislyak; he was POTUS Trump’s incoming national security adviser, and such conversations between national security advisers and foreign governments are standard operating procedure.

Plus, Flynn would have known that his conversation with Kislyak was being monitored by U.S. intelligence because we always monitor the conversations of foreign agents/officials.

What he didn’t know is that he was being set up; the day the FBI agents came to see him, he thought they were there are part of the transition to a new administration — to pay a courtesy visit to the new national security official. He even reportedly gave the agents a tour of his office.

It is clear from the sentencing memo he didn’t think the agents were there to interrogate him. He didn’t even have a lawyer present.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton — who obviously broke laws governing the handling of classified information — was exonerated by these same people: Comey, McCabe, Strzok, et al.

When our justice department is run by criminals, it’s no wonder justice isn’t served.

If anyone deserves a presidential pardon, it’s Mike Flynn.

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2 Comments on It was a TRAP: Sentencing memo in Mike Flynn case proves Comey’s FBI was trying to set him up

  1. obviously not enough of a trap to stop the Magistrate from issuing the warrant.

  2. Democrats are no longer for the people all they focus on is the agenda of the party and haven’t done a damn thing since Trump was VOTED IN BY THE PEOPLE.

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