(National Sentinel) Pep Talk: Talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh told his audience on Monday that now was not the time to go “wobbly” on support for POTUS Donald Trump because if he loses, we’ll lose our country as it was founded.

“There are people starting to weaken,” he said. “There are people starting to go wobbly here. ‘Trump’s tweeting too much. Trump’s embarrassing me with what he says about Tillerson. Trump’s doing this…’ It all boils down to whether or not you think the country’s at a crisis point, whether or not you think that we actually are on the cusp of losing our founding and being overrun officially with socialism and worse.”

Limbaugh also shared an email he says he got from a friend who essentially laid it out the reality of the situation facing our country:

“Everybody knows, Rush, that Trump sometimes says things that are counterproductive to getting his good message out. But, then again, none of us have been the target for 19 months by a fantastic prosecutor or 92% negative press coverage.

“The point is that there is a visual microscope on Trump virtually 24/7. Virtually anything Trump says or does is reported, commented upon, amplified, broadcast around the world. There’s not a one of us who could survive this kind of scrutiny and this kind of attention, and the purpose of it is destruction. The point as I see it, Rush, is we have to deal with reality, and the reality is that Donald Trump and no one else — by sheer force of personality and guts — has saved us from corrupt socialism that Hillary Clinton would have ushered in.”

In other words, Limbaugh, said, “The point is, this is all worth it.”

The talk radio icon has often said on his program that he believes there will always be an “America.” But just often he has said the hard Left, which has taken over the Democrat Party, has but one objective and that is to continue Barack Obama’s work and “fundamentally transform” our country into something our founders never meant for it to be.

“The alternative to Donald Trump was unacceptable — Hillary Clinton and the continuation of the Obama agenda and the dilution of the United States of America as a sovereign nation and a continuation of it’s becoming a member of the global conglomerate — where there wouldn’t be any debate about climate change; we would just pay up,” Limbaugh said.

“Where there wouldn’t be any debate about open borders; we would just keep them open. Where there wouldn’t be any debate about whatever American culture or society is. It would be whatever the socialists said it was going to be,” he said.

Just imagine this one example: If POTUS Trump had not pulled the United States out of the disastrous Paris Climate Accords and instead allowed Congress to impose a massive fuel tax like French President Emmanuel Macron attempted to foist on his people, the unrest we’re seeing in France would be taking place in America. It might even be worse considering how many Americans are armed.

Ronald Reagan once said Americans were never more than one generation away from tyranny. Limbaugh — and the friend he quoted — just said essentially the same thing.

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