(National Sentinel) Totalitarian: It’s comical in a way to hear the Left accuse POTUS Donald Trump of being an “authoritarian” who has no regard for the rule of law or the will of the people because really, they are describing themselves.

Case in point: Billionaire Tom Steyer, touted as a potential Democratic presidential contender in 2020, wants to force all Americans to live a substandard life by surrendering anything and everything that might create a whisp of exhaust. And why?

Because…climate change.

Speaking to an Ivy League audience at the new U.S. Climate Action Center in Poland, Steyer said “the time for politeness is over” when dealing with the legions of Americans who don’t believe in the Left’s global warming/climate change hoax.

As such, he said, it is now time to adopt dramatic new tactics in order to force everyone to comply with whatever climate change policies the Left devises, no matter how ruinous they would be to our economy and the vast majority of our people.

And there would be no quarter for the opposition, either. Steyer said Democrats would need to “kick their ass” and “crush these people,” presumably a reference to pesky Republicans and conservatives who are resistant to the Democratic Party’s approach to climate change policy.

That is “justice,” you see, according to Steyer, who added that it is pointless to try to work with anyone who doesn’t believe the global warming/climate change BS hook, line, and sinker.

“I think the whole idea that they’re going to compromise, they’re going to come to their senses … they all went to college, they all can read,” he said. “Many of them went to Yale. Really. They’re looking at their interest. They’re not fooled. They’re doing something that they believe is really good for them, and to hell with everybody else,” he said.

‘To hell with everybody else,’ Tom? Isn’t that pretty much what you’re saying to those of us calling you out for this hoax?

He went on to tell the Yale students in the room they could only “justify being an elitist” by fighting climate change.

Steyer’s anger at not being able to convince most of the country that modern human activity and cattle farts are destroying the planet isn’t new.

In 2013 he said of the opposition, “The goal here is not to win. The goal here is to destroy these people.”

Mind you, this lunacy comes as tens of thousands of French citizens have taken to the streets in Paris and throughout the country specifically in protest of President Emmanuel Macron’s “global warming” gas and fuel tax hike, which he has now rescinded lest he be dragged out of the Elysee and set upon by a crew manning a guillotine.

This is the Left’s mindset when it comes to so-called climate change: “Do not question our belief system or you’ll be ‘destroyed.'”

Someone should introduce Steyer to the First Amendment, which prohibits government-mandated religion.


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