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Most House RINOs who signed cheap-labor ‘Discharge Amnesty’ gone in January

(National SentinelVoter Revenge: The Left calls them Republican “moderates,” but voters just called them out.

Come next month when majority Democrats take control of the House, 14 of 23 Republican members who signed onto the cheap-labor “Discharge Petition” in June backed by retiring Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin will not be president, Breitbart News reports.

The wipeout occurred after the group worked with Ryan to block an America-first compromise immigration bill sponsored by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

In June the 23 members used the petition process to stump for a Democrat-backed amnesty bill that affected about 3 million DACA recipients.

Their push gave Ryan political cover to create a second bill that essentially split the GOP in half while Democrats, as usual, remained unanimous in backing their open borders bill in opposition to Goodlatte’s legislation.

The subsequent midterm wipeout “is being described by establishment outlets as a defeat for ‘moderates’ — even though the discharge-petition group sought no compensating protections or benefits for the blue-collar workers whose wages would be damaged by the flood of amnestied workers,” Breitbart noted.

The group, backed by big business interested in supplanting American workers with cheap labor migrants, consisted of “immigration centrists,” the Washington Post claimed.

“House Republicans who lost re-election bids were more moderate than those who won,” said the Pew Research Center, which adding, “Among the Republican House incumbents who lost their re-election campaigns, 23 of 30 were more moderate than the median Republican in the chamber.”

The nine who survived the midterms include five members from dairy-heavy districts who supported the Discharge Petition because they wanted a piece of legislation that gave their farmers, in particular, legal immigrant labor.

That’s understandable and even admirable. But Democrats don’t want reasonable compromises on illegal immigration, and that’s the problem. All they want are open borders and hordes of new government dependents who will vote for them.

But the lesson here is clear: Conservatives who back Republicans don’t want to compromise on illegal immigration anymore, and they’re prepared to oust GOP lawmakers who do.

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3 Comments on Most House RINOs who signed cheap-labor ‘Discharge Amnesty’ gone in January

  1. There is NOTHING GOOD about DemonRATS ; N O T H I N G !!

    • Yes but this situation was caused by Ryan and his gang of RINOs, sabotaging the party from the inside.

  2. These republicans had 2 goals: to block Trump and to enrich themselves.

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