(National Sentinel) Lawless: Fired FBI Director James Comey actually admitted during a closed-door joint House committee session on Friday that the bureau he once led did not bother to corroborate the so-called “Trump dossier” before using it to obtain a warrant from the FISA court to spy on an American citizen.

Comey agreed to appear before the House Judiciary Committee and House Government Oversight Committee after initially indicating he would not do so in a closed-door session because he was concerned about…leaks…though he leaked a confidential memo to a friend who then gave it to the media to implicate POTUS Trump in something nefarious.

The dossier, you may recall, was used as ‘evidence’ to support the FBI’s contention it needed a warrant to spy on one-time Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, a warrant that was subsequently renewed at least three times.

In response to a question from Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., Comey said that at the time the bureau got permission to spy on Page the dossier has not been verified and that efforts to verify it were ongoing several months after the spying began.

But during further questioning, Comey said — hundreds of times — he could “not recall” other details, like how former British spy Christopher Steele, who compiled the dossier, gave it to the FBI (the late Sen. John McCain, Trump hater to the end, gave the bureau a copy as well).

“I have some recollection that he passed it to an agent that he knew and that that agent sent it on to headquarters. I think that’s the way in which it reached the Counterintelligence Division, but I don’t remember the specifics of that,” Comey said.

He was also asked what was done to verify the info contained in the dossier, but of course, he couldn’t remember that, either.

“I don’t know in particular. I know that the Counterintelligence Division was investigating various aspects of the reports he had supplied, and that investigation was ongoing when I was fired,” he said.

Gowdy continued to press for details and Comey continued to provide him with nothing.

But the bottom line is this: The bogus dossier was nevertheless used to deceive the FISA court into believing it was real so Comey’s pro-Obama thugs could cheat the system to spy on an American presidential campaign, something unprecedented in our history.

Meanwhile, it’s POTUS Trump who is under investigation and his people who are being prosecuted.

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