(National Sentinel) Fake News: POTUS Donald Trump’s chief of staff may soon depart the White House, but former Marine Gen. John Kelly isn’t resigning, according to sources who spoke to The Daily Caller.

The online news site reported that Kelly has no intention of leaving his post voluntarily despite reports in “establishment” media on Friday claiming that he was set to step down after 16 “tumultuous months” as POTUS Trump’s COS. The source told the news site it was “absolutely untrue” that Kelly would quit on his own.

Kelly took the day off on Friday as the president returns from a trip to Kansas City, MO., to give a speech on law enforcement. He is planning to attend a White House staff dinner the president is giving Friday evening.

That said, POTUS would like for Kelly to depart but sources told TheDC he isn’t ready to fire the former Marine general. That could set off a months-long stalemate.

Establishment media reported that POTUS would fill Kelly’s spot with Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff, Nick Ayers, known as a young political wunderkind.

Various reports have claimed for weeks that Kelly was set to resign — or be fired.

The Daily Mail reported Friday that POTUS Trump had stopped talking to him completely.

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