(National Sentinel) National Insecurity: Set to become the next Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi unveiled one of her party’s legislative priorities over the weekend: Open the U.S. borders more than they already are.

Pelosi, who survived a half-hearted attempt to deprive her of the speakership by the extreme Left, said the new Democrat majority would focus on undoing POTUS Donald Trump’s border security efforts, which means barring a miracle, full funding of the border wall will be delayed at least another two years.

“In the Majority, Democrats will work to reverse the Republicans’ destructive anti-immigrant agenda,” Pelosi said in a statement, completely mischaracterizing the president’s border security initiatives as “anti-immigrant.”

“Our House Democratic Majority will once again pass the Dream Act to end the uncertainty and fear inflicted on patriotic young men and women across the country. We will protect TPS [Temporary Protected Status] recipients and those fleeing unimaginable violence,” she said.

“And we will hold the Trump Administration accountable for their inhuman policy of separating families, and the trauma and anguish they have inflicted on vulnerable children and families at our border,” Pelosi added.

“Of course, we will meet our responsibility to provide strong, smart border security that serves our country’s needs, is consistent with our values, and doesn’t squander billions of dollars on a border wall,” she lied.

Since when have Democrats ever been interested in “strong, smart border security?”

In the past few weeks alone there has been no shortage of elected Democrats appearing on Left-wing cable news networks to heap scorn on Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection agents who are trying to secure the border against hordes of migrants from Mexico and Central America who have been pelting them with rocks and bottles.

Not one elected Democrat has stepped up to support POTUS Trump’s border wall.

Democrats are the party of sanctuary cities.

Democrat-aligned Left-wing ‘civil rights’ organizations are the ones taking the Trump administration to federal court to block one border security initiative after another.

Pelosi’s Democrats will no doubt pass open borders legislation. But those bills won’t go anywhere because they won’t clear the GOP-controlled Senate or survive POTUS Trump’s veto pen.

But what will do is feed red meat to the Democrats’ perpetually unhinged base, which, to them, is better than actually governing.

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