(National Sentinel) Pointless: A new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll released exclusively to The Hill on Monday claims that nearly two-thirds of Americans want House Democrats to release POTUS Donald Trump’s tax returns, though the survey doesn’t specify which tax years would be released.

As reported by The Hill, 63 percent of survey respondents favor the release, while just 37 percent say Democrats should back off.

The survey claims that just 35 percent of GOP voters want the returns released compared with 86 percent of Democrats and 64 percent of Independents.

“In a first impression, here the public clearly favors disclosure of the tax returns of their president. This came through loud and clear so expect Democrats to be requesting them from the IRS,” said Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll co-director Mark Penn, The Hill reported.

Before the midterms last month, several House Democrats pledged to obtain the president’s private tax returns if they won a majority, which they did.

But here’s why none of this makes any difference — or should, anyway.

First of all, let’s be clear about the purpose of this survey: It wasn’t aimed at ‘taking the pulse of Americans’ on this issue, it was taken and released as a driver of the issue. The Hill skews Left; Democrats have been complaining since the 2016 election cycle about POTUS Trump not releasing his returns which, by the way, he is not required to do.

Secondly, the idea that Americans have a right to know what a president (or presidential candidate) has earned in previous years is a construct of the D.C. Swamp so it can use a candidate’s returns for politically advantageous purposes. In POTUS Trump’s case, Democrats are salivating at the prospect of a “gotcha!” moment — that maybe he’s not as rich as he says he is.

And if he’s not, so what? What does it prove other than the president exaggerated his wealth? Obama exaggerated all the time and still does — he just took credit for POTUS Trump’s massive growth in oil-and-gas production, though as president, Obama did used his EPA and other government regulators to strangle and hamstring the industry.

Finally, Donald Trump’s tax returns are none of our business. They are no more our business than our tax returns are his business. The fact that he’s president doesn’t change a thing. Not only that, we don’t believe it matters one bit what a “majority” of Americans think, either, if the Harvard poll results are even real. As a nation, we don’t decide issues like publicly releasing another citizen’s tax returns by popular mandate.

Believe us when we say that if POTUS Trump’s taxes were jacked up, the IRS would have been up his you-know-what years ago — and especially now that he is president, given what we have discovered about the Deep State and its limitless reach into every corner of the federal bureaucracy (and remember Lois Lerner, Obama’s ally who tanked tax-exempt status approval for scores of conservative groups ahead of the 2012 elections?).

There is no reason to ‘get Trump’s tax returns.’ We are not entitled to them and that is certainly the case for politically motivated Democrats who are just looking for another way to undermine our president.

If anything, Americans should be insulted and angry that the new Democrat majority is focused on non-issues like the president’s tax returns instead of helping him and fellow Republicans with worthwhile issues like rebuilding our military and infrastructure while improving our global competitiveness and the lives of our citizens.

We personally don’t care what Donald Trump earned (or did not earn) prior to becoming our 45th president. Like most fair-minded citizens, we just don’t think it’s any of our business.

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