(National Sentinel) Unlawful: The new leader of the House Progressive Caucus traveled to the border last week to ‘assist’ a handful of migrants with “asylum” claims, but based on what she posted to social media, it’s possible she was involved in helping illegal immigrants break U.S. law.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., joined caravan migrants near Tijuana on Saturday after blaming POTUS Donald Trump for “creating the crisis” at the border — an egregious allegation in and of itself considering that the president did not make the decision for thousands of people to crash our borders.

While there, Jayapal claimed she helped “five people” gain access to the United States.

“I was able to successfully assist 5 asylum seekers – 2 unaccompanied minors, a mother and her 9 year old child, and a young man with a serious medical condition – into the United States,” she wrote in a tweet.

She said that the people she ‘assisted’ were initially denied entry based on their claim of asylum.

“Initially they were denied, in violation of U.S. and international law, but I was able to intervene and ensure that they could simply present themselves for asylum in the United States,” she wrote in a follow-up tweet.

What did she mean by “intervene?” And how does she know the five were ‘illegally’ denied asylum?

It’s a legitimate question considering her politicization of the entire situation along the border.

In an interview with Politico, Jayapal claimed POTUS was “lying” about the caravan.

“The president is lying about this caravan, he’s fear-mongering,” Jayapal said. “He’s trying to use people who are seeking asylum and literally running from death just for his own political benefit and that’s a disgrace. He is creating a crisis at the border.”

She also said the reason she went to the border in the first place was because — wait for it — Border Patrol was ‘gassing women and children.’

“When I read the report about a week ago that kids and moms were being tear gassed, I just couldn’t sleep,” she said. “I want to go see for myself what is happening, what happens to asylum seekers as they get to the border, how are they turned back, what’s happening to them in between, where the conditions in which they’re living.”

Who’s lying?

The Department of Homeland Security released statistics last week indicating that a) Border Patrol doesn’t “gas women and children;” and b) the use of tear gas was much more frequent under the Obama administration.

Congresswoman or not, assisting people into the country illegally is a crime and she should be questioned by federal investigators about her actions. Beyond that, it is a disgrace to take a taxpayer salary while violating your oath to “protect and defend” your own country.

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