(National Sentinel) Playing Defense: A Pentagon official said Friday that U.S. troops deployed along the border with Mexico to assist federal civilian authorities with security will remain there through the month of January.

“Today, DHS submitted a request for assistance to the Department of Defense to extend its support through January 31, 2019,” said Army Lt. Col. Jamie Davis in a statement.

“This request refines support to ensure it remains aligned with the current threat, the nature of the mission, and [Customs and Border Protection] operational requirements,” he said.

Meanwhile, The Associated Press reported Friday afternoon that the number of deployed troops would drop from about 5,600 to about 4,000. Pentagon officials said that the troops had completed construction of barbed wire and other barriers but that they could now be assigned other support duties.

The deployment was originally slated to last through the end of December.

POTUS Donald Trump ordered U.S. troops to the border to assist Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection agents in preventing thousands of caravan migrants from crossing illegally into the U.S.

The plan has been successful on so many levels. In addition to preventing mass illegal immigration to occur, the boundary has become so formidable in some areas that the number of caravan migrants self-deporting has doubled.

As Conservative Tribune reported, tweets from Adolfo Flores, BuzzFeed’s national security correspondent for immigration noted that the number of self-deporting immigrants in Mexico doubled the day after caravan migrants attempted to rush a section of the border near Tijuana last Sunday.

“An agent with Grupos Beta, the humanitarian arm of Mexico’s immigration authority, told me 30 people from the caravan have elected to self deport this morning,” Flores reported Monday.

“It’s double than the 15 they get daily and believe it’s because people are scared after yesterday.”

“People outside the outdoor shelter are signing up to leave Mexico and return home,” Flores tweeted. “Many cite fear of staying after yesterday’s clash at the border and discrimination in Tijuana from residents.”

“The border is not like people and the news back home says it is … they said it was safe and easy,” Javier Gonzalez, one self-deporter, told Flores. “We came to find the American dream and all we found was a nightmare.”

The American dream is alive and well — and it remains there for the pursuing. However, the caveat is this: You have to come into the country legally.

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