(National Sentinel) Cultural Suicide: A British MEP is warning that a globalist pact governing the rules of migration will result in the flooding of Europe with tens of millions of people from the third world whose values, customs, and mores are distinctly different from those of EU countries.

“If you think you’re in control of your borders, think again,” British MEP Janice Atkinson said Friday. “This compact backs the EU and the UN’s aim to flood our nations with 59 million migrants by 2025…. just 6 years.”

Though the document — the UN Compact on Migration — is not legally binding, EU governments will most likely be under a great deal of pressure to follow its guidelines.

That said, several countries including the U.S. and Hungary have said they’re not going to sign it.

In an interview, Atkinson discussed the source of the new agreement: A 2000 declaration concluding that the populations of European countries were declining “and therefore needed replacing.”

However, that claim has been disproven; youth unemployment in some EU nations is 50 percent or more. Also, many newly-arrived migrants are simply “unemployable” because they lack basic skills and cannot speak the host nation language. Atkinson said only about 13 percent of new arrivals are employed.

She then attacked British Prime Minister Theresa May for at once promising to regain control of Britain’s borders via the Brexit plan while planning to sign the UN pact next month.

“Remember – the UN and the globalists want to flood our continent with 59 million migrants by 2025,” Atkinson reemphasized, noting further that the UN pact states mass immigration is “inevitable, desirable and necessary.”

In warning that the pact would eventually lead to EU nations having their “culture and identity crushed,” the MP said that the agreement would also lead to additional ‘hate speech’ laws that will make it unlawful to use terms like “illegal migrants,” replacing that phrase with “irregular migrants.”

“It will be illegal not to use their prescribed language,” she warned adding that Europeans could “say goodbye to your democracy and your way of life” unless they demand their leaders refuse to sign the pact.


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