(National Sentinel) Honesty: It is a rare thing to see a CNN host or correspondent actually challenge a Democratic lawmaker who is pushing the nonsensical and absurd narrative that POTUS Donald Trump and Russia “colluded” to “steal the election” from Hillary Clinton, but Jake Tapper did just that on Thursday.

After introducing Rep. Jarrold Nadler, D-N.Y., as “the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee” who is “expected” to become its chairman, Tapper opened with a question about actual “evidence of conspiracy” resulting from former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s plea deal.

“Look, this is clearly not welcome news for the president,” said Tapper. “I don’t want to pretend that it is but once again I look at these documents and I don’t see any evidence of conspiracy between members of the Trump team and the Russian government to interfere in the election.”

Nadler remarked that the president’s effort to build a Trump Tower in Moscow was part of a “corrupt business deal,” but Tapper pressed him: “You call it a corrupt business deal?”

“The fact that it was negotiated with a foreign power while you’re running for president … ” Nadler said.

“Not illegal, you mean like more just colloquially corrupt?” Tapper continued.

“Yeah,” said Nadler.

“But still no conspiracy?” said Tapper.

“Well, wait a minute,” Nadler responded. “It certainly tends to indicate — it’s one more piece of evidence — so now we know or Cohen testifies to the fact that Trump during the campaign at the same time that he is dictating a change in the Republican platform to favor the Russians, at the same time that he can find nothing negative to say about Putin or about what they are doing is, in fact, negotiating with the Russian government for personal business profits. He is mixing his personal business profits and perhaps putting them over the interests of the United States and lying to the electorate about it.”

“Sure, it stinks, but it’s not a conspiracy is all I’m saying,” said Tapper.

First of all, the deal didn’t get done, so there’s that. No “stink” there, Jake.

Secondly, Nadler being straight-up dishonest. If anyone has been tough on the Russians, it’s been POTUS Trump. As for Tapper, he’s right for a change: There is no evidence of an election meddling conspiracy because it doesn’t exist.

Democrats in the House are going to spend the next two years wasting time “investigating” this bogus narrative. If anything good can come out of that, though, it is that Republicans running in 2020 will be able to use it to paint Dems as far-Left sycophants obsessed with Trump hate and incapable of governing.

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