(National Sentinel) Truth Bomb: On a daily basis, panelists on the little-watched MSNBC morning show “Morning Joe” go out of their way to mock, ridicule, and criticize POTUS Donald Trump in what has become a predictable, and wholly unappealing (to most) cacophony of Trump hate.

Thursday’s morning show was no different.

In a segment with Republican Sen. Todd Young of Indiana, contributor Mike Barnicle asked about the president’s use of the U.S. military along the southwestern border as though it were some unprecedented, barely legal (if at all) endeavor that, of course, has major moral implications.

Young — a former Marine officer — took the opportunity to do some schooling.

“Senator, I would like your view on troop deployments, troop deployments here in the United States. We have thousands of soldiers and marines along the border that come from Camp Pendleton, Fort Hood, Fort Bragg, all over the country,” Barnicle said.

“It looks like they were there for weeks and weeks to come. They’re eating MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) on Thanksgiving Day. They’re going to be away from their families again on the Christmas holiday. Your view on that troop deployment?”

“I am only smiling because I was deployed as a United States marine on the southern border of the United States,” Young said, explaining his grin.

“I worked for an unmanned aerial vehicle squadron in the Marine Corps. We were charged with, among other things, coming up with new doctrine to figure out how to secure our southern border,” he continued. “So this is not unprecedented, to use the military, especially the United States Marines ways that the president would direct.”

Such as actually defending the borders of the United States in addition to defending the sovereignty and borders of other countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. The horror.

Currently, more than 5,000 U.S. Army and Marine personnel are deployed along the U.S.-Mexico border in support of Border Patrol and CBP security operations as portions of the boundary are inundated with thousands of mostly Central American migrants.

In recent days, a large group of migrants had to be tear-gassed because they rushed a segment of the border in southern California near Tijuana, throwing rocks and bottles at Border Patrol agents — and under the ‘cover’ of women and children.

The president has been imploring Congress to improve border security by funding his wall and reforming gaping loopholes in U.S. immigration and asylum laws, but so far the Legislative Branch has refused. Democrats don’t want border security, and too many RINOs are being pressured by big corporate donors to withhold their support, no matter what it’s doing to the country.

“A nation that cannot secure its borders, it’s often been said, is not indeed a nation,” Young told Barnicle. “But I would hope that we in Congress would do our job. You know, this is a manifestation of a much bigger problem, which is our failure in a bipartisan way to reform our legal immigration system.”

According to his bio, Young was a Marine Corps officer on active duty from 1995 through 2000. As an intel officer, he led the intelligence section of VMU-2, an unmanned aerial vehicle squadron.



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