Mueller can’t prove ‘Russian collusion,’ so now he’s crafting a FAKE narrative with Corsi: DiGenova

(National SentinelEpic Fail: Special counsel Robert Mueller has spent a year-and-a-half and $30-plus million attempting to “prove” that POTUS Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign “colluded” with Mother Russia to “steal the election” from Hillary Clinton, but he’s come up empty-handed.

So now, he’s going after Trump associates and allies like Dr. Jerome Corsi and Paul Manafort for ‘lying’ to investigators in order to give the impression that collusion occurred but he just couldn’t prove it.

That’s what former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova thinks, and he said as much Wednesday evening during an appearance on Fox News‘ “The Ingraham Angle.”

The “original purpose” of ]Mueller’s Russian collusion probe has “failed miserably,” he said, as evidenced by the fact that not a single prosecution or conviction Mueller has sought involves criminal election meddling on behalf of the Trump campaign.

So now Mueller’s got to adopt a different tactic in order to salvage his reputation and the credibility of his investigation.

“[T]he thing to me that’s fascinating is all of a sudden the entire investigation by Mueller is focusing on people who are lying,” diGenova said. “Why is that happening? The answer is very simple: The original purpose of the investigation was Russian collusion. That’s failed miserably. There’s no evidence of it.”

So now Mueller is “charging people with lying so that he can say in his report, ‘I would have proved collusion but all these people lied and prevented me from doing it,’” diGenova noted, adding that “this is the new narrative of Mueller” and the “new Russian collusion theme.”

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino told Laura Ingraham that Mueller’s true focus has never really been on Russia but rather on ‘getting’ POTUS Trump and anyone associated with him.

“[I]f Mueller was really doing his job, which he’s not, he’d be investigating the real Russian collusion, which there’s actual evidence of, which is collusion between the Hillary team and Russians,” he said, in reference to the so-called “Russia dossier” paid for by the Clinton campaign and commissioned by a Democrat-aligned opposition research firm, Fusion GPS.

“This is all about failure. This investigation is a complete failure,” diGenova said. “The purpose was to investigate a conspiracy between the Trump campaign or the president and the Russians. There is absolutely no evidence of that in any of the cases that he has brought.”

“That is why [Mueller] is now focusing on these side characters to accuse them of lying or perjury because his narrative is going to be, ‘I couldn’t prove collusion because they wouldn’t let me,’” diGenova added. “This is where we are. This is the pathetic state of Mueller’s handling of this. This is an embarrassment.”

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