(National Sentinel) Self-Preservation: Far-Left journalist Christiane Amanpour of CNN got a solid, factual lesson in self-governance from Hungary’s top diplomat on Friday, one that she’ll not soon forget.

Amanpour was interviewing Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto about his country’s rejection of “multiculturalism” in favor of preserving “Christian Hungary” — a concept that the Western Left finds reprehensible because they are naturally hostile to all aspects of Western traditions, values, and culture.

Szijjarto was having none of it, however, and brilliantly defended his prime minister and the majority of his country as to why they want to keep Hungary Hungary in the face of an onslaught of mostly poor, illiterate, and mostly Muslim migrants from the third world currently invading Europe.

Since 2015, when the migrant invasion began in earnest — some believe thanks to the financing and sponsorship of the world’s preeminent Leftist, billionaire George Soros — European countries have been inundated with migrants from the war-torn Middle East and North Africa.

The mass migration has caused unrest and crime rates in host countries to skyrocket, bringing with it escalating tensions among Europeans, many of whom are increasingly opposed to accepting more waves of humanity.

Clearly indicating her point of view prior to the interview, Amanpour accused Hungarian officials of adopting “draconian” policies on immigration.

Hungary was one of several countries including the US, Israel, and Australia who would not sign the United Nations Compact on Immigration, a diabolical plan to flood Western democracies with millions and millions of new third world migrants over the next several years.

Such numbers would effectively change the face — literally — and the cultures of each European nation accepting them, and Hungarian officials are well aware of the troubles that would lead to after seeing problems occurring in countries like Sweden, France, and Germany related to Muslim immigrants:

Minister Szijjarto: We absolutely support the right of a country to determine who they want to let in and what kind of a country they would like to be… Migrants disrespect your borders. They violate your laws. They attack your police. They cause injuries to your police.

Amanpour: Your prime minister, Prime Minister Orban has repeatedly said that his main aim is to preserve “Christian Hungary.” And you said we don’t accept that multi-culturalism is a value by itself. Less than 2% of Hungarians were born outside the country. It’s weird, that kind of language. It’s very out of step…

Szijjarto: No, it’s honest… We’ve been a Christian country for a millennium. And I really don’t understand why it’s bad news that we don’t want to change that. And I don’t understand why it is bad or unacceptable as to why we want to stick to our history.

Frankly, that was brilliant. Szijjarto was basically making the point that Hungary has a right to cling to its Christian roots like Muslim countries have a right to cling to their Islamic roots.

Not that Amanpour is even capable of considering that. Like all Western Leftists, to her only the West must change because the West is ‘bad.’

For far too long Leftist journalists and politicians have not been adequately challenged on their default position that ‘multiculturalism’ is superior to a country’s preservation of its own unique history and culture. Finally, they’re getting some pushback.

Simply screaming “racist!” and “Anglophobe!” is not going to cut it anymore — at least when it comes to POTUS Donald Trump, his legions of American supporters, and European leaders who have seen what “multiculturalism” is doing to other countries.

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