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Memo to environmentalists: Natural gas fracking helps LOWER U.S. carbon emissions

(National SentinelFact Check: Left-wing extremists in the American environmental movement have never met a carbon-based fuel they like, despite the fact that were it not for carbon-based fuels, we would all still be living in the 19th-century.

Their narrative, of course, is that all carbon-based energy is bad, and that the United States in particular, with our outsized economy and radically improved quality of life, is destroying the planet with our carbon emissions.

Except that we’re not.

Earlier this month during a speech at The Ohio State University, conservative lawyer and columnist Ben Shapiro claimed, “The United States was the number one country in cutting emissions in the last year when it comes to carbon emissions, largely because of fracking replacing coal. So natural gas fracking is significantly less emitting than is the use of coal and coal energy.”

According to an annual carbon emissions report from oil giant BP, Shapiro is exactly right.

Check Your Fact notes:

The U.S. reduced carbon emissions by over 40 million tons last year, more than any other country. On a percentage change basis, however, the U.S. fell outside the top 20 for emissions reductions in 2017.

While we are still emitting a lot of carbon into the atmosphere, we’re not the record holders: China is. And between China and India, the two countries — which are still very much developing — pumped 212 million tons of carbon into the air last year from burning oil, gas and coal products.

China, by far, is the largest emitter, responsible for more than 27 percent of all carbon emissions. That far surpasses the 15.7 percent emitted by the U.S. (India is at 7 percent but is gaining).

The pull quote from all of this, however, is: “So natural gas fracking is significantly less emitting than is the use of coal and coal energy.”

Fracking alone has ignited our energy production and catapulted the United States to the top of the world’s producers. In addition to creating new wealth and bolstering our GDP, the energy industry is growing which means thousands of good-paying jobs are being created. Oh, and we’re a lot less reliant on unstable or unfriendly oil-rich regimes, which improves our national security.

And still, environmentalists are complaining.

There are plenty of ‘useful idiots’ in the environmental movement, but the elite behind it have one objective: Destroy Capitalism.

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2 Comments on Memo to environmentalists: Natural gas fracking helps LOWER U.S. carbon emissions

  1. Seriously??? Okay, first CARBON IS NOT BAD FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT!!!! Already proven. Carbon emissions have been “greening the planet” according to NASA satellite images of said planet. Its quite simple actually - carbon feeds the plants and trees and oceans and they in return create oxygen which is something we NEED to survive. Farmers are piping CO2 into greenhouse to feed the plants as they grow faster and stronger. Plant 2 trees, 1 in the city and 1 in the country and in a few years the one in the city has grown twice as fast.

    As for fracking, we all already know about the poisons that it dumps into our soil and ground water. I am not an environmentalist nor am I an expert in any field. But what I have stated above has already been studied and proven by MANY far smarter than I. And if the author of this article did a little research they too would have found themselves accurately informed.

    • You may not be an expert though you show lots of expertise. There is no greener gas than CO2. Increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere may be caused by higher temperatures, since more CO2 is released from the seas at higher temperatures. Higher temperatures may cause higher CO2 rather than the opposite. Now, solar activity is dropping, and so are temperatures, but the “experts” do not want us to know that.

      Shapiro is an expert on nothing, he speaks as if CO2 emissions are bad. This is the guy that recently advocated on a nightime left wing comedy show that Trump be removed.

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