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CNN analyst TRIGGERED by POTUS Trump’s Thanksgiving call to troops: ‘Highly inappropriate’

(National SentinelSilly: To most Americans, it seems pretty reasonable that the commander-in-chief would issue a holiday call to the men and women in the military recognizing their sacrifice and thanking them for their service.

But not to CNN “analyst” John Kirby, who himself is a retired U.S. Navy rear admiral. To him, it POTUS Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving call to U.S. troops was “completely inappropriate.”

“It was completely inappropriate. Look, all he needed to say is thanks to you and your families, and I support your mission, and I am going to continue to support it going forward. Very simple. That is all he really needed to say,” said Kirby, who served as the spokesman for the State Department and the Department of Defense during the Obama administration.

“He found a way to inject judicial court decisions he doesn’t like on immigration and trade deals he finds unfair — not a good place to put the troops. They are not an extension of the MAGA crowd. They are not an arm of the Republican party,” he continued.

“It’s an apolitical institution that defends and supports the Constitution. That’s where it should have stayed,” Kirby said, adding he was glad POTUS did not visit Arlington Cemetery on Veteran’s Day because he says the president would have “politicized” it.

While it is true the military is supposed to be an “apolitical” organization, members of the military are still American citizens, and as such are entitled to know what the president thinks about certain issues — which, by the way, are issues that are at the president’s discretion to discuss, not at the discretion of a former Obama sycophant.

Talk about politicizing things. Only a CNN analyst would be triggered by a call to the military from the commander-in-chief.

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