(National Sentinel) Injustice: Citing unnamed sources, The New York Times is reporting that POTUS Donald Trump wanted his Justice Department to prosecute two of the central figures in the “Spygate” scandal, Hillary Clinton and fired FBI Director James Comey, but former White House counsel Don McGahn threw a wrench in it.

The report claimed that POTUS wanted to order the DoJ to do what it should have done on its own, given what has been reported over the past two years, but McGahn advised the president he had no authority to issue such an order.

McGahn said that ordering the prosecution would cause the president’s administration to unravel. He also reportedly provided POTUS with a memo from other White House lawyers backing up his warnings. Also, POTUS has considered appointing a second special counsel to go after Clinton and Comey.

The sources also allegedly told the Times that the president is frustrated with FBI Director Christopher Wray for not pursuing the two-time Democratic presidential loser — even calling him “weak.”

The Daily Caller added:

The president asked McGahn what was preventing him from ordering an investigation, the two sources said. McGahn said he did not have such authority, but warned that making such a request could roil the president in several problems. Congress could then investigate Trump’s role in the prosecution and seek impeachment charges or he could torpedo his re-election bid.

It isn’t clear what charges POTUS wanted the DoJ to pursue, but he has publicly complained about the seven memos that Comey wrote allegedly detailing meetings with him that were eventually leaked to the media via longtime friend and Columbia University professor Daniel Richman.

Comey has said he did nothing wrong but some in Congress believe he violated the law because at least four of the memos contained classified information.

But let’s face reality here: Nothing’s going to happen to him, or Clinton, or Obama, or anyone else who was involved in the greatest political scandal in the history of our country that hasn’t already happened to them. Firings are about the best we’re going to get.

Otherwise, we’d have had prosecutions by now from John Huber, who Jeff Sessions appointed to allegedly look into this obvious criminality. He’s been missing in action now for over a year.

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