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FINALLY: MIA federal prosecutor John Huber to update GOP on status of Clinton Foundation probe

(National SentinelAbout Time: It’s been about a year ago that former Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed Utah federal prosecutor John Huber to investigate alleged wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation.

Since then, no one has heard from him publicly. We don’t know how much progress he’s made in his investigation or even if he’s done anything other than getting appointed by Sessions.

But that’s set to change, apparently.

In an interview with TheHill.TV on Wednesday, House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, R-N.C., who also chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on Government Operations, said it was time for Congress to “circle back” to Huber and find out what he’s been up to.

“Mr. Huber with the Department of Justice and FBI has been having an investigation — at least part of his task was to look at the Clinton Foundation and what may or may not have happened as it relates to improper activity with that charitable foundation, so we’ve set a hearing date for December the 5th,” Meadows said.

The Hill reported further:

Sessions appointed Huber last year to work in tandem with the Justice Department to look into conservative claims of misconduct at the FBI and review several issues surrounding the Clintons. This includes former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s ties to a Russian nuclear agency and concerns about the Clinton Foundation.

Huber’s work has remained shrouded in mystery. The White House has released little information about Huber’s assignment other than Sessions’s [sic] address to Congress saying his appointed successor should address concerns raised by Republicans.

There are other developments as well.

Meadows also said that his committee was just now beginning to work with a pair of whistleblowers who may be able to shed additional incriminating light on the Clinton Foundation amid speculation that Bill and Hillary used it as an influence-peddling operation, allowing foreign governments and figures to donate in exchange for favored treatment after Hillary won the 2016 election — which didn’t happen.

“We’re just now starting to work with a couple of whistleblowers that would indicate that there is a great probability of significant improper activity that’s happening in and around the Clinton Foundation,” he said.

But is all of this coming too late? The GOP lost control of the House in the 2018 midterms; Democrats take control in early January. And they’re going to deep-six all of these GOP investigations into anything having to do with Spygate and the Clintons.

As they say, elections have consequences.

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6 Comments on FINALLY: MIA federal prosecutor John Huber to update GOP on status of Clinton Foundation probe

  1. So it’s okay for the Dimms to kill a probe into the Clinton Crime family, but shutting down the Mueller farce is tantamount to treason?

  2. Huber wasn’t missing in action. He was doing some serious investigating and now it is over and he is ready to reveal what he found. It won’t be good for Hillary. She is going to prison.

    • There would have been many leaks and also media attacks if Huber was acting against their precious deep state criminals. Huber is a Sessions/Rosenstein diversion, used as part of their criminal coverup. Huber does not have the guts to risk his career by pursuing justice.

      We know that at least 2 key conspirators have had no communication with Huber, since their attorneys said so. By accepting the assignment, and doing nothing, Huber is a participant in the coverup.

      The reason a special prosecutor was strongly opposed by Sessions and other conspirators is obvious.

  3. Except for Nunes and his team, Judicial Watch, and the President; no one’s done nothing but try to cover up a mountain of Democrat and deep state corruption at the highest levels.

    • We can see who is trying to do the right thing by seeing who is being attacked in our sick US media culture. Huber has never been attacked.

  4. Clintons will skate. Always do. Witnesses will drop dead. Money will flow. Blackmail. Threats. Frame ups. They own waaaay too many people ever to answer for their felonious activity. And after the Comey/Rosenstein/Stzrok/Page nexis of corruption…forgive me for assuming that we can’t trust the venerable FBI.

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