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‘Bikers for Trump’ leader finds evidence of potential vote fraud at Broward election central

(National SentinelSmoking Gun: The post-midterm election chaos is continuing in Florida thanks to ongoing efforts by Democrats to reverse GOP victories in the U.S. Senate and gubernatorial races last week, but pro-POTUS Trump activist may have found some evidence that could spell an end to the shenanigans.

“Bikers for Trump” leader Chris Cox says he has found plastic seals on the ground near Broward County election headquarters that may have been improperly removed from sealed ballot boxes.

Cox brought attention to the sealed ties after making his way through a group of protesters at Broward County elections HQ reported The Washington Times on Wednesday.

“This election is a fraud,” Cox said in a video that was posted on social media. “It’s pretty disgusting here. I’m glad that you’re not here because this isn’t anything you want to see.”

The Bikers for Trump leader found just over a dozen of the colored tags, but even that means there could be tens of thousands of votes that have since been illegally tampered with because each ballot box holds about 2,500 ballots.

“Based on having 15 tags, that could mean that approximately 37,500 ballots could have been tampered with,” Cox’s attorney Derek A. Schwartz wrote.

Cox isn’t the only conservative sounding the alarm in Florida. Sen. Marco Rubio, the state’s junior U.S. senator, has been doing so for days.

In an Op-Ed piece discussing an assortment of voting irregularities that have been discovered thus far, Rubio ticked them off one by one.

“Boxes labeled ‘Provisional Ballots’ left behind at a polling place. Illegal opening and counting of mail ballots not reviewed by the canvassing board. Voters sent too many ballot pages,” he wrote.

“And in Palm Beach County, election officials filled out new ballots to replace damaged ones, without allowing campaign representatives to witness the process of creating the new ballot, as required by Florida law,” he continued.

It’s important to note that Cox’s claims have yet to be fully investigated or substantiated. But the fact that he found them and there have been so many other irregularities is proof that Florida’s electoral system is rife with problems and ripe for fraud.

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8 Comments on ‘Bikers for Trump’ leader finds evidence of potential vote fraud at Broward election central

  1. DemocRATs…Let’s keep cheating until our guy wins.

  2. There is NO civilian problem that cannot be rectified by a Military Solution.
    Semper Fidelis

  3. Jeb Bush everyone should tweet old no energy Jeb and thank him for allowing the entire world to laugh at the morons who live in Florida, you can not get any dumber then a Floridian…

  4. No one, NO ONE, epitomizes the American spirit like bikers!!! Bikers mega-rock!!!!

  5. Am I the only person who sees that it doesn’t matter if they caught the Democrat election officials EATING Republican ballots…NOTHING is ever done about it…

    • Republicans are in charge in Florida, and do nothing about it other than complain. We need real leaders. Anyone that believes Bondi that an investigation is underway should recall she said the same thing about Parkland.

  6. The people who cast the votes do not decide the election, the people who count the votes do.

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