(National Sentinel) Moment of Truth: It isn’t often that CNN gets a story right in the Trump era, but network correspondent John King actually offered an honest assessment of the Democrat-caused election chaos playing out in Florida.

He said during a broadcast Thursday that the party of the donkey will have to find Left-wing judicial activists on the bench who are willing to “bend” Florida law in order to hand victories to Democrats Andrew Gillum and Sen. Bill Nelson.

Noting that based on legitimate returns from last week’s midterm elections, King said there’s no mathematical path to victories for Dems unless they find judges willing to “overlook or bend” the rules.

Gov. Rick Scott (R) defeated Nelson by 11,000 votes; former U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis defeated Gillum, who is the mayor of Tallahassee, by some 33,000 votes. But since election day, supervisors in two Democratic strongholds — Broward and Palm Beach counties — suddenly ‘found’ thousands of ballots well after the deadline to turn ballots into state officials.

What’s more, Democrats are now insisting that some 4,000 “provisional” ballots be counted as well, though provisional ballots are those that have been held aside by election officials because their validity cannot be determined.

“Even if every one of those was validated and broke for the Democrat,” King said, “it would be too small of a number to erase the Republican lead in the Senate race.”

King also said that Democrats were attempting to use those ballots as one of many ‘extrajudicial’ measures in the hopes of stealing the election. “The hope now for Democrats is that the court has already shown its willingness to overlook or bend the letter of the law and that it would do so again,” he said.

Translation: The only way Democrats can win in Florida now is to cheat and have a judge validate it. And that has already happened, though Republicans have appealed a recent Obama-appointee ruling to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Finally, a moment of honesty from a Left-wing CNN correspondent. And wouldn’t you know it involved a discussion of how to destroy our democratic processes.


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