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Report: State Dept. says Hezbollah flooding Peru, Bolivia with terrorist assets

(National SentinelThreat: Massive caravans of migrants heading north to the United States are a problem for many reasons, but one of those reasons that gets overlooked, downplayed, or outright rejected by the Left and its compliant media is that they can be used as a means of infiltrating really bad people into the country.

Like terrorists.

In written testimony prepared for House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Terrorism hearing Wednesday, the State Department’s top counter-terrorism official Nathan Sales warned that Hezbollah is deploying “large caches of military equipment and explosives” in Bolivia, as well as delivering some to jihadists currently deployed in Peru.

That warning came just a day after department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said that Iran, Hezbollah’s benefactor, spends $1 billion annually on exporting terrorism, $700 million of which goes to Hezbollah, which is known to traffic heavily in drugs as well as conduct extensive money-laundering operations throughout Latin America.

Earlier this year, Forbes reported that Hezbollah is the world’s richest terrorist organization with an annual income of $1.1 billion, generated primarily by “aid funding from Iran, drug manufacture and trade.”

Sales told the House subcommittee:

Iranian and Hizballah operatives have been arrested in the past several years in Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, and the United States – demonstrating the global reach of these networks.

Since 2012 alone, Hizballah has conducted a successful terrorist attack in Bulgaria that killed six, undertaken two separate plots in Cyprus, developed large caches of military equipment and explosives in Kuwait, Nigeria, and Bolivia, and sent terrorist operatives to Peru and Thailand.

Hezbollah “threatens” Americans in the U.S. homeland, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in April.

And last month, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions also designated Hezbollah one of the top transnational organized crime (TOC) threats against the U.S. stemming from Latin America, Breitbart News reported.

Many Americans are skeptical that terrorist organizations could ever infiltrate the U.S. and cause any serious harm. But terrorists infiltrated migrant hordes streaming into Europe and have caused quite a bit of mayhem and death.

Why couldn’t they come across our southwestern border hidden among thousands in caravans?

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5 Comments on Report: State Dept. says Hezbollah flooding Peru, Bolivia with terrorist assets

  1. Why couldn’t they come into the USA? Becuse the democrat liberal progressive bstrds DREAM that they can’t, that’s why. Oh…and they say it too, putting the double hex on infiltration. Can’t happen. Nope. Not in Pelosi’s hood.

  2. Who would have thought that America will be defeated through treason of the Democratic party and its followers and not by a foreign power .

  3. If the US State Department says it, one thing we can be sure of is that it isn’t true.

  4. An Arab who speaks some Spanish would be very difficult to detect by most border guards.

  5. One by one, US has paid TRILLIONs to eliminate ISRAEL’s M.E. rivals and competitors. What has America gotten for bing the zionists’ slush fund? More kicks in the teeth, national bankruptcy and intl global disgrace. Fkkk the Pharisees and their Khazar Sabbatean filth. WTFU Americans!

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