(National Sentinel) Election Chaos: If ever there was a teachable moment as to why Republicans must keep the Senate as long as POTUS Donald Trump is president and appointing constitutionalist to the federal bench, this is it.

Georgia election laws have been what they are for years and, in some cases, decades. But now, suddenly, provisions of Georgia election law are unconstitutional and violate federal law — just because radical Leftists say so as they attempt to steal the governorship from clear winner and GOP candidate Brian Kemp.

Democratic contender Stacy Abrams’ legal team managed to find a couple of Obama-appointed judicial activists on the federal bench to rule that ballots should be accepted even if there is an incorrect or omitted birth date on the registration.

Birth dates are pretty important if you’re interested in making sure that people have reached the legal age to cast a ballot. But since Abrams lost on election night, Democrats want to ignore that law by claiming it somehow violates the federal Civil Rights Act.

Really? Yes, according to a pair of Obama-appointed federal judges.

The Hill reports:

A federal judge on Tuesday found that Gwinnett County violated the Civil Rights Act in its handling of absentee ballots during last week’s midterm elections, a ruling that will likely delay the overall vote tally in the state’s tight gubernatorial race.

U.S. District Judge Leigh Martin May wrote in a 17-page order that the county was found to be acting in violation of the Civil Rights Act with its rejection of absentee ballots solely on the basis of an omitted or incorrect birth year.

Tuesday’s ruling was handed down a day after a different federal judge ordered state election officials to preserve and count provisional ballots filed for the governor’s race. That judge also ruled that Georgia election officials cannot certify the election until Friday at 5 p.m.

May’s order said Gwinnett County is hereby “enjoined from rejecting absentee ballots containing an error or omission relating to the absentee voter’s year of birth” and has been ordered to count such ballots in this year’s midterm elections.

This is the Democratic Party. Win even if you have to cheat. 

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