(National Sentinel) Investigate, not Legislate: The incoming Democrat majority in the House will be focused primarily on one thing, and it isn’t governing. It’s taking revenge on POTUS Donald Trump.

Constitutional attorney and professor Jonathan Turley said Monday he expects that the White House and the president will come under siege from a “storm of subpoenas,” but that there isn’t much chance that POTUS will be impeached, namely because he hasn’t done anything wrong.

“There’s an obvious interest in building a case for impeachment. It’s just they don’t really have the impeachment grounds,” Turley said in a Monday appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

He added, “I just don’t believe that they have enough right now to make out a compelling single article of impeachment.”

He also warned Democrats not to turn impeachment into  “a recreational exercise” because it’s far too important a check on presidential abuses of power to use lightly.

“Impeachment’s not supposed to be a recreational exercise,” he warned. “It’s not supposed to be something that you do to please your base. It’s a very serious and disruptive and dysfunctional element to introduce into our system. The chances that Donald Trump will be impeached are virtually nil at this point,” Turley predicted.

Here’s another forecast: If Democrats behave for the next two years the way they did during Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings — and they will because the 2020 election countdown has already begun — the GOP will sweep them from power in a red wave.

Let the craziness begin.

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