(National Sentinel) Winner: Gov. Rick Scott isn’t waiting around for Democrat lawyers to steal his election victory from incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, so on Sunday he declared victory in the race that he won on election night Tuesday.

And for good measure, he called Nelson a “sore loser” for contesting his loss.

“Bill Nelson’s a sore loser. We’ve won,” Scott said on “Fox News Sunday.” “I’ve had to win this election twice now. I will be going to Washington as the next U.S. senator from Florida, and I’m going to work hard to change the direction of this country like we did in Florida.”

On Saturday, however, the Florida secretary of state announced three recounts. “Machine” recount results were supposed to have been reported by 3 p.m. on Thursday.

Scott said Nelson and his legal team were attempting to commit “fraud” in order to ‘win’ the election, in part by suing to allow non-citizen votes and that all ballots — even fraudulent ones — should be counted.

Those seem like sure losers in terms of strategy, but Democrats seem to have allies in places where they can help them the most.

On election night Scott led Nelson by about 60,000 votes, but after ‘new’ ballots were ‘found’ that lead has been cut to about 12,500, or .015 percent.

That said, state judges have already found that Broward and Palm Beach County officials were not in compliance with transparency laws regarding the vote-counting, the Washington Times reported.

“The judges have already said, they clearly violated the law,” said Scott.

POTUS Donald Trump tweeted from France that he’s watching events play out.

“Trying to STEAL two big elections in Florida! We are watching closely!” Mr. Trump tweeted Saturday.

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