(National Sentinel) ‘We Need The Wall’: Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton on Friday praised POTUS Donald Trump’s new border security policy that requires anyone seeking asylum must come through an established port of entry, not merely sneak into the country and make the claim once they are apprehended.

The president issued the proclamation as caravans of migrants mostly from Central America continue to make their way towards the U.S. border without Mexico doing anything to stop them.

“I applaud the administration’s efforts to fix our broken asylum system. Individuals with valid asylum claims should apply in their home countries or a safe third country, not by showing up at our border,” Cotton said in a statement Friday.

“We will not let anyone take advantage of America’s generosity by exploiting loopholes in our immigration system. Congress should also act to codify these common-sense reforms,” he added.

POTUS Trump signed a proclamation denying asylum to migrants trying to cross the border illegally, outside ports of entry, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

As the policy was announced, some 8,000 people traveling in at least three caravans are making their way towards the U.S.

“People can come in, but they have to come in through the ports of entry, and that, to me, is a very important thing,” the president said on Friday. “We’re not letting them in, but they’re trying to flood our country. We need the wall.”

“The laws are obsolete, and they’re incompetent,” POTUS added. “They are the worst laws any country has anywhere in the world, and it’s only because we don’t have the Democrats’ votes.”

No doubt Democrat-aligned Left-wing “immigration rights” groups are going to challenge the order in court — which is another issue that needs to be addressed, given that the president has all the authority he needs under the Constitution to issue such policies.

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