(National Sentinel) Try Again: Just as there was a crowded field of Republican presidential contenders in 2016, the Left-wing rage against POTUS Donald Trump promises to deliver a large field of Democratic challengers in 2020.

Only, those who have been mentioned or who have said they intended to run already aren’t getting much support from Democrats and Independents.

While former Vice President Joe Biden ranks the highest at 25 percent, according to a The Hill.TV American Barometer poll released earlier this week, the ‘candidate’ garnering the most support is “None of The Above,” the Western Journal reports.

The poll found that 30 percent of the respondents answered that when offered a choice among Biden, Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kamala Harris of California, as addition to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton.

The two-time presidential loser and most corrupt Democrat to run in modern times — Clinton — actually came in third…but at 12 percent. Sanders, the candidate she and the Democratic National Committee cheated out of the party’s 2016 nomination came in at 18 percent.

One Democratic strategist said the party’s eventual 2020 nominee is not on that list but ‘somewhere out there.’

“I think someone who is not on the list right now will emerge once the election actually gets going into full steam,” said Delvone Michael, a senior political strategist with Working Families.

“I think the other folks who are jostling around will dissipate once the actual ballots start being cast,” he said.

Perhaps. But right now, it doesn’t appear there is a Democrat or “independent” who can unseat POTUS Trump in 2020, given his comparatively high approval ratings.

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