(National Sentinel) How About No: It’s highly likely that, with the general public distracted by the holidays, the lame-duck Congress led by the lamest of ducks, House Speaker Paul Ryan, will attempt to shove through a last-minute blanket amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, say immigration reform groups.

“This is why they come back for a lame duck — so they can accomplish all the things they could not do when the voters’ eyes on them,” Rosemary Jenks, the director of government relations for NumbersUSA, told Breitbart News.

Congress has scheduled its lame-duck session in December because Republican and Democratic leaders have not come together on a spending bill for the Department of Homeland Security and the border wall. If a funding bill does not emerge, some DHS offices will have to close next month.

Jenks said it is entirely possible that Ryan, R-Wis., on his way out the door, will push for an amnesty bill for his cheap-labor big business RINOs (like the Koch Brothers).

“I fully expect that Paul Ryan will do as much as he possibly can on his way out the door because he is just on the other side” of the public’s preference for a low-immigration, high-wage, economic policy, she said.

“The big fear is that we go back into [White House] talks about exchanging DACA for a border wall,” she continued, according to Breitbart. “That is not acceptable because a wall [alone] is not going to have a significant impact on illegal immigration.”

Frankly, Ryan can try this but it’s not likely to succeed. POTUS Donald Trump knows that the issue of tackling illegal immigration is his electoral bread and butter; he’s not about to sacrifice support in exchange for a lousy DACA bill that he already gave Congress six months to fix, especially in exchange for only partial border wall funding — which can (and likely would) be pulled after Democrats take control of Congress.

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