(National Sentinel) Antifa Extremism: Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday talked about his thoughts and feelings after a group of Antifa thugs descended on his home, defaced his property, and frightened his wife and children.

Carlson, who was at the Fox News studios when the mob showed up, noted that most of the country is filled with decent, caring people. But he admitted there is a rising tide of angry, Left-wing extremism that must be opposed.

“If you work in our business, as you know, you can lose sight of that because you see the lunatics. Most people are not lunatics. Most people are humane, and decent and kind,” Carlson said. “It’s just been a great reminder of that and really a wonderful experience.”

“What’s it like to find out that your wife is hiding in the pantry because people are threatening her?” he continued. “I mean it’s upsetting. I guess I would say this. I’ve characterized the Antifa people and people like them as protesters, but they are not. They weren’t protesting anything.”

He noted that police and his “very large brother” managed to get to his home quickly to disperse the mob.

“I got a bunch of texts from people, my neighbor saying something terrible is going on at your house. By the time I called my wife, [she] has the police and my brother there,” he said, The Daily Caller noted.

“I have a very large brother who lives a couple blocks away, thank heaven. We are close. He was there immediately. She’s standing in the kitchen waiting to go out to dinner, and people started pounding on the door, really hitting the door hard and screaming, threatening. She thought it was a home invasion,” he continued.

“She didn’t do anything wrong, why were they screaming at her, I mean the whole thing was completely grotesque. The effect is to make it impossible to open your mail,” Carlson added.

“One thing they did, I think the worst thing that they did, was they put my home address on the Internet and they put a poster right in front of my house with my home address on it and they filmed it. They taped it and they put the tape on the Internet. You know, I can’t have my kids stay home alone now. I’m a normal person, I live in a normal neighborhood,” the Fox News host said.

Then he noted that the vast majority of decent Americans cannot allow this kind of mob violence to continue.

“We lose sight again of the fact that the country is overwhelmingly normal people who don’t think that this is acceptable. Our conversation publicly has been hijacked by extremists like this and I worry that if we don’t stand up to them and say, I’m sorry, this is not allowed, you can’t threaten people into silence, the rest of us are very passive in the face of this,” he added.

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