(National Sentinel) All-in: Despite the fact that he’s jetting aboard Air Force One to France for a meeting, POTUS Donald Trump is very much involved in attempting to beat back what appears to be multiple Democratic efforts to steal midterm election victories by Republicans.

After tweeting his support for GOP legal efforts in Florida to ensure that Gov. Rick Scott’s Senate victory and Rep. Ron DeSantis’ gubernatorial victories are secured after corrupt Broward County election supervisor Brenda Snipes and her team of Dem operatives have begun to mysteriously “find” thousands more ballots long after the deadline to hand them all in, the president is now working to defend Rep. Martha McSally’s Senate victory over Rep. Kyrsten Sinema after the latter suddenly pulled ahead more than three days after the midterms.

Citing a local report, POTUS Trump tweeted out that voter registration signatures in Arizona are not matching voting day signatures, indicating potential fraud.

The president even suggested holding a new election.

AZPM reports:

Pima County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez says the signature on some ballot envelopes doesn’t match the signature on file, especially for voters who used their finger to sign an electronic pad at the DMV.

“Sometimes the signatures do not match, they don’t look anywhere near it. So that’s why we call to attest and verify that that is, in fact, the voter,” Rodriguez said.

But Republican officials say county recorders only have the authority to do that up through election day, not after. If a judge agrees, that would mean recorders have to stop checking signatures of people whose ballots remain unopened after election day.

Democrats are trying to steal Senate seats because they know that even though they now control the House, the real action is in the upper chamber. That’s because the Senate confirms judicial picks, and they need Left-wing activists on federal courts in order to advance their Marxist agenda — because they can’t do it legislatively.

They don’t have the support.

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