(National Sentinel) Manning Up: After news broke on Wednesday that POTUS Donald Trump had ‘requested’ that Attorney General Jeff Sessions resign, speculation began over who would replace him.

For now, POTUS has appointed Sessions’ former chief of staff, Matthew G. Whitaker — an ardent opponent of special counsel Robert Mueller’s appointment and witch hunt investigation. That was significant because the president did not simply move Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, the official who appointed Mueller, into the acting AG position.

But the president will eventually nominate someone to fill the post permanently. And one name that’s already being floated is former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who also ran for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination against POTUS Trump.

The president is “entitled” to have a “full-time attorney general” who has his complete “confidence” at the helm of the Department of Justice, former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova said Wednesday night on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.”

Host Laura Ingraham then suggested that Christie could fill that role nicely.

“[Christie] has about an 18-year personal relationship with the president. They get along. They know each other. He has already walked through the media fire. He knows what it’s like to be in the bright white spotlight of the New York media and frankly the national media,” Ingraham said.

“I think temperamentally he and Trump are similar. They get along as people. They have kind of a similar style. I don’t think that’s a detriment in this job whatsoever. He was known as a tough-as-nails prosecutor, very well-respected by career prosecutors at DOJ,” Ingraham continued.

DiGenova agreed with her, Lifezette reported.

“Chris Christie would be fine. He’s experienced. He’s smart. He’s intelligent. He would have the full confidence of the president of the United States, which is to me what was missing from the relationship with Jeff Sessions,” he said.

“The president is entitled to have a full-time attorney general, and Christie could fulfill that role very nicely,” diGenova added. “And with Robert Mueller spending more than $38 million to produce absolutely nothing by way of Russian collusion, Christie would be the perfect overseer of that monstrosity.”

Democrats have already begun to discredit Whitaker over an op-ed he wrote for CNN criticizing the Mueller probe. They claim that he, too, should recuse himself from the ‘Russia’ probe, as Sessions did.

“Those previous comments are not recusable comments. Mr. Whitaker’s a fine person. He is completely independent. He knows about the administration of this particular case,” said diGenova.

“The Democrats are doing what they always do — when they don’t have anything else, they just start screaming and yelling. This is an embarrassment to them, but it’s going to continue. And Mr. Whitaker is going to be just fine,” he added.

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