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Jeff Sessions is out as AG: Here’s what should happen next

(National SentinelSacked: In a move that seemed to take many people by surprise, Attorney General Jeff Sessions tenured his resignation on Wednesday — at POTUS Donald Trump’s request — just a day after Democrats regained a majority in the House.

According to multiple reports, Sessions, in a letter, praised his service to the Justice Department and the country as well as those who worked under him. He also made it a point to mention that under his leadership the president’s immigration enforcement initiatives were carried out as best they could be, and that gun and opioid prosecutions were at all-time highs.

But why now?

The president’s displeasure with Sessions for recusing himself almost immediately from the “Russian collusion” investigation after his confirmation is well-known and documented. So his POTUS Trump’s frustration over special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, which has — after a year-and-a-half — turned up nothing even close to a crime involving the president, his campaign, and Mother Russia.

In addition, the president has named Sessions’ chief of staff, Matthew G. Whitaker, as acting attorney general — not Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who you might think should be next in line. Whitaker, by the way, is a noted Mueller critic.

Thanks to the president’s efforts, Republicans have expanded their majority in the Senate by a healthy margin, meaning anyone he nominates to replace Sessions is much more likely to be confirmed.

Also — and this is key — Whitaker has been placed in charge of the Mueller investigation, as Rosenstein headed to the White House for a pre-scheduled meeting. Whitaker is a purported major critic of Mueller, which explains why he, and not Rosenstein — the official who appointed Mueller — is now handling that probe, or what’s left of it.

Does all of this mean Mueller’s days are numbered? He is reportedly ‘moving quickly’ to wrap up his investigation now that the midterms are over, but now that Democrats control key committees that would act on anything — anything — negative in his report regarding the president, it sure seems like POTUS is moving to preempt any Democratic efforts related to Mueller’s investigation.

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes, obviously. But one could reasonably conclude that Mueller’s probe is in deep doo-doo. The fact that Sessions is already packing up his office and heading out the door indicates the president is moving quickly.

There is also this: Because he recused himself, Sessions was in no position to take action against anyone involved in Spygate because after all, it’s “Russia-related.”

And Rosenstein wasn’t going to act because he’s Deep State, which explains why he isn’t acting AG right now.

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  1. Find an editor. Seriously

  2. Excellent

  3. “In a move that seemed took many people by surprise”

    Seemed to take

    “General Jeff Sessions tenured his resignation on Wednesday”

    Tendered his resignation

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