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HA! Michigan reporter FIRED after what she said about Senate candidate John James

(National SentinelEpic Fail: If anyone tries to tell you there is no liberal bias in the ‘mainstream media,’ point them to this story.

Brenda Battel, a reporter for the Huron Daily Tribune, called U.S. Senate candidate John James to set up a post-election interview on Wednesday.

She left his campaign office a voicemail. She then hung up the phone.

Or thought she had. She didn’t.

What she proceeded to say next led to her being fired by the newspaper Tuesday.

“Hi, my name is Brenda Battel, I’m a reporter with the Huron Daily Tribune in Bad Axe, Michigan,” she begins.

“I’m looking to set up an appointment with Mr. James for some time on Wednesday for a phone interview regarding the election results,” Battel continued. “I’m probably going to send an email over to the with some details. Um, if you’d like to call me back, my number is … extension … Thank you.”

And then: “Man, if he beats her… Jesus! F**king John James. That would suck! Whew, I don’t think it’s going to happen though,” Battel continued.



“I have listened to the voicemail left by Brenda Battel to Mr. James’ campaign, and find no reason to defend this behavior,” Huron Daily Tribune editor Kate Hessling said in a statement. “Brenda Battel’s employment has been immediately terminated.

“The Huron Daily Tribune sincerely apologizes to Mr. James and to the public,” she continued. “These statements do not represent the views of the Tribune as a whole, nor do they reflect the actions of a responsible journalist.”


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3 Comments on HA! Michigan reporter FIRED after what she said about Senate candidate John James

  1. This is the kind of justice a wing nut needs to receive.

  2. True journalists are a rarity these days. Forget that she got caught, this partisan behaviour at a place of work is unacceptable. I’m guessing she should have received her walking papers long ago.

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