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Would Georgia Dem Stacy Abrams confiscate ‘assault weapons’ from her Black Panther supporters?

(National SentinelHypocrite: Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams would not rule out confiscating residents’ firearms if she wins her race against her GOP opponent, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, tomorrow, while also not really getting into how she would do it.

What she also never discussed — because she wasn’t asked — was what she planned to do about the “assault weapons” brandished by members of the militant New Black Panther Party over the weekend as they campaigned for her.

In an interview with CNN, Abrams reiterated her support for a ban on so-called assault weapons but was far less clear about how she would go about enforcing gun bans as the state’s top official.

“You were a cosponsor of legislation that would have required people in Georgia to turn in some of their assault weapons if it passed there,” CNN anchor John Berman said. “You said that’s the beginning of a conversation.

“What do you want the end of the conversation to be?” Berman asked.

Abrams responded by saying that while some people would voluntarily turn in such weapons, “there are going to be some people who are held to a higher standard.”

“I do think that in the state of Georgia we’re going to have to figure out how we do this,” she said. “What I want us to do is what we should always do in our legislative process — have a discussion about how we’re going to accomplish our goals.”

“Banning is one thing, requiring people to turn them in is another,” Berman pressed.

The Democrat responded by saying she couldn’t provide a “hard and fast answer” to the issue.

As to the issue of people being held to a higher standard, would that include these supporters of hers who, for all the world, appear to be engaged in a voter intimidation campaign similar to one other members of the New Black Panther Party engaged in during the 2008 election in Philadelphia:

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1 Comment on Would Georgia Dem Stacy Abrams confiscate ‘assault weapons’ from her Black Panther supporters?

  1. It’s the way socialists think: they get the guns, you don’t. It makes it so much easier to take away your freedom, empty your pockets, and still stay in power. They do it every time.

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