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Whoops! Nate Silver now HEDGING his ‘blue wave’ bet for Democrats

(National SentinelRed Wave: All last month political guru Nate Silver predicted that Democrats had an 80-85 percent chance of retaking the House at least, but now that the midterm elections are just a day away, he seems to be hedging his bet.

“This last set of Upshot/Siena polls has been pretty good for D’s. They’re polling in 11 districts now, and on average, the polls are coming in about 2-3 points better for Dems than the 538 Classic forecast from before the poll was entered,” the editor of tweeted on Saturday.

However, he added: “I’m not at all convinced there’s movement nationally toward Democrats—the generic ballot has been very flat. But, they may be closing well in swing districts because of their big spending advantage, which ought to be a bit scary for R’s.”

“Not at all convinced….?”

But what about that blue wave? What happened to ’85 percent chance’ the House falls to Dems?

We don’t know what tomorrow brings but we do know this:

— POTUS Trump continues to draw massive crowds to rallies he is holding for GOP candidates;

— Early voting reportedly favors Republicans;

— Early turnout is at historic levels;

— These midterms ‘feel’ like a presidential election;

— GOP enthusiasm is high (as evidenced by the president’s massive crowds).

Is Silver hedging his prediction?

Just remember, the dishonest “mainstream media” is going to try to suppress GOP voter turnout with early predictions and other ‘reporting’ tricks to make it appear as though Democratic candidates have won when they haven’t.

Don’t pay any attention to any of that. Go vote.

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7 Comments on Whoops! Nate Silver now HEDGING his ‘blue wave’ bet for Democrats

  1. Mensa Graham // November 5, 2021 at 7:56 am // Reply

    We are just tired of all the democratic BS. Done with the vitriol.

  2. Well, hang in there and hope for the best. I am sure we will all survive no matter the results. Let’s just hope that the ruthless democrats come in second.

  3. He’s not “hedging”, he just raised his odds of Dems taking the House from 86 to 87%.

  4. One day before doomsday, Nattering Nate decides to Master Debate. Keep lying Nate, laughing at you Wednesday morning will be wonderful

  5. Silver has been lying about his 85% nonsense for weeks. Now that his chance to demoralize Republicans with the lies…and energize Democrats with the lies…now he’s worried about how he’ll look when he’s proven wrong…so last minute changes that he hopes won’t demoralize the Leftists before they vote.

  6. A Prostitute spreads her legs. Nate Silver spreads his lies. The both get paid for what they spread and neither one should ever be believed.

  7. NoRightToNotBeOffended // November 6, 2021 at 4:54 am // Reply

    Didn’t he also prodict Hillary by double digits?

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