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Voters have weighed in on troops to the border: Another WIN for POTUS

(National SentinelMAGA: You might have thought that POTUS Donald Trump’s decision to order U.S. troops to the southwest border to interdict thousands of migrants Mexico seems incapable of stopping was a bad decision politically.

You’d be wrong.

A new Zogby survey not only finds that a clear majority of Americans support the decision, but that demographically speaking, minority voters are supportive as well — especially Hispanics.

Zogby found that 57 percent of likely voters believe that sending troops to the border to stop the caravan is a good idea.

“A new Zogby Analytics nationwide survey of 866 likely voters, with a margin of error of +/-3.3%, conducted 10/30/18-10/31/18, shows a majority (57%) of Americans support the military’s decision to send thousands of troops to the border to prevent a migrant caravan, numbered in the thousands, from entering the U.S. illegally. More than two in five disagree with the military deployment to the border,” Zogby reported.

Of those, “Republicans overwhelmingly support (91%) sending the military to the border. Independents were also in support of sending the military (53%), while 47% disagreed. Men were much more supportive–43% strongly agreed, and 66% agreed overall (strongly and somewhat agree combined). Women were split 50/50 on the deployment of troops.”

There’s more.

“Ethnicity was another area where there was more agreement than expected. A majority of African-Americans disagree (59%) compared to 41% who agree,” Zogby reported.

“Interestingly, 51% of Hispanic respondents agree with the deployment of troops to the border to halt the migrant caravan; slightly less than half (49%) disagree. Also, 30% of Hispanics strongly agree compared to 28% who strongly disagree,” the pollster said.

Americans, generally speaking, want security, favor the rule of law, and are sick and tired of watching authorities allow people who have no right to be in the United States abuse and game our system so they can ‘have a better life’ compliments of the U.S. taxpayer.

POTUS Trump knew that instinctively when he made fixing our lousy immigration system in 2016 as he ran for president, and he instinctively knows that remains a priority for Americans.

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