(National Sentinel) Uplifting: Democrats have nothing — not better plans, not better policies — to oppose POTUS Donald Trump and Republicans so they use race-baiting in order to disparage them, Fox News host Laura Ingraham said Thursday.

The president’s economic agenda is helping all Americans, including blacks and Hispanics, so the only thing Democrats can do in terms of countering him politically is to call him a racist.

Democrats and “their shameless media enablers” are increasingly “race-baiting” ahead of the midterm elections on Tuesday because POTUS’ policies “are working for African-Americans” — and because those policies jeopardize the so-called blue wave they’re anticipating, Ingraham said, reporting from Arizona.

“The better Donald Trump does among African-American voters, the more race-obsessed the Democrats and their shameless media enablers become,” Ingraham said, Lifezette reports. “The reason again for this Leftist race-baiting [is] Trump’s policies are working for African-Americans and the results are now beginning to come in.”

“Democrats sense it. They’re losing their grip on the black community,” Ingraham added. “Black unemployment is down, black entrepreneurism is up and the polls are moving.”

POTUS Trump only got about 8 percent of the black vote in 2016. However, a recent Harvard-Harris poll found that his approval rose from 10 percent in 2017 to 29 percent in 2018.

It also showed that African-Americans’ approval of POTUS’ handling of the economy rose from 17 percent to 40 percent. In addition, their approval of the president’s handling of immigration rose as well — from 15 percent to 29 percent.

And a recent Rasmussen Reports poll showed that 36 percent of blacks approved of his performance as president.

But nevertheless, Democrats regularly throw down the race card when it comes to describing the president.

“Broad-brush race-baiting desensitizes us to the real racists out there who should be condemned and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when they commit heinous crimes and use violence to hurt and maim people of a different race,” Ingraham said.

“Do not let the race hucksters convince you to embrace the failure of the past,” she added.

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