(National Sentinel) Pull out: As the U.S. continues to pour billions of dollars into Afghanistan, nearly half the country remains in the hands of the Taliban and other terrorist elements after more than 17 years of combat operations.

According to the latest oversight report, the Afghan government is now facing its lowest level of control over the country since officials began tracking the situation in November 2015, the Washington Free Beacon notes.

The site reported further:

The Special Investor General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, or SIGAR, noted a significant decline in the Afghan government’s ability to govern the district, a decline of about 16 points. Total Afghan government control stands at 55 percent, the lowest number since November 2015. Insurgent control and influence over key regions has risen about 5.5 percent, according to the report, which highlights the U.S.-backed government’s growing inability to retain influence in areas it once maintained control of.

The ongoing decline in the Afghan government’s control over key territories is awakening new concerns among security officials and others who have warned that the Taliban is experiencing a resurgence despite the United States pumping billions into Afghanistan reconstruction effort over the past decade.

Independent experts have confirmed in recent weeks that, using government data, just over half the country has now fallen under the control of the Taliban and other terrorist groups.

In short, the situation in Afghanistan — long considered to be a failed state — is getting worse, not better.

In addition, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) troop levels are at their lowest since 2012.

“ANDSF strength decreased by 1,914 personnel since last quarter and by 8,827 personnel since the same period last year,” according to SIGAR. “The ANDSF is roughly 40,000 personnel, or 11%, below their target strength of 352,000 personnel.”

Point blank: It’s time for the U.S. and NATO to pull out of Afghanistan. We can’t ‘win’ there, and won’t. The best solution at this point is to end our involvement there with a warning to the Taliban leaders who will undoubtedly regain control over the country: You’re just a Tomahawk cruise missile away from meeting Allah if you attack America again.

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