(National Sentinel) Bombs Away: A former U.S. Navy SEAL and multiple combat veteran lambasted CNN‘s chief bigot Don Lemon for his “ignorant” claim that “the biggest terrorist threat in this country is white men - most of them radicalized to the right — and we have to start doing something about them.”

That bit of overt racism did not sit well with Ephraim Mattos, who explained in a missive that Lemon “labeled” him “a radicalized right-wing terrorist simply because of my gender and the color of my skin.”

After retiring from the U.S. military in 2017, Mattos went to Iraq and joined the Free Burma Rangers, a group that aids civilians in war zones, WITI-TV reported.

While there, he was wounded after helping save a young Iraqi girl by ISIS fighters.

“You see ISIS — they’re shooting civilians, little girls, in the back of the head as they’re running toward us,” Mattos told WITI of the day he was shot. “They’d shoot civilians because they knew we’d run out to get them.”

Mattos on the ground after being shot. (Image source: WITI-TV video screenshot)

Here’s the report:

In his missive to Lemon, Mattos wrote:

After surviving three wars, a gunshot wound, a near fatal drowning, a failed parachute, Taliban ambushes, ISIS snipers, mortars, mine-fields, suicide bombers and laying down my life for the cause of freedom while fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with my brother Arabs, Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Animists, and Atheists, I have now returned home to the USA where a CNN host has labeled me as a radicalized right wing terrorist simply because of my gender and the color of my skin.

I represent just one of the hundreds of thousands of conservative white men who have fought to preserve freedom in this great Nation and in other nations. My forefathers are the 3% who founded this Republic against the might of the British Army. It was white Conservative men who died by the tens of thousands after charging into our southern states to free our black brothers from the slavery imposed on them by the Liberal left. We were the ones who acknowledged that women have a right to vote. We held the line in WWI and charged the beaches of Normandy in WWII. We have fought for freedom and liberty for generations and we continue to do so today alongside all of our brothers and sisters regardless of their race or religion.

In the early 1930s, Hitler said the same thing about the Jews that Don Lemon of CNN just said about white men. This is the true face of the Democratic Party. First they enslaved and killed blacks, and now they use them to spew hatred and lies against the very people who have fought for generations to free them and uplift them.

Remember that when you go vote.

One final thought: To make a point, I have referred to myself as a “white male” in the previous sentences multiple times, but I must make it clear that I identify as simply “American,” not as “white” or “male” or “Republican.”

Although blatantly racist and hateful, do not let Don Lemon’s ignorant words drive you into viewing yourself only by your race and religion. Identity politics does not lead to freedom. It only leads to hatred and division and an “us vs. them” mentality.

If CNN does not fire Don Lemon immediately, it only goes to show that they are truly the “enemy of the people.”

CNN won’t. And CNN is, Mr. Mattos. Thank you for your service.

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