(National Sentinel) Reversal: Once upon a time, Democrats could count on nearly universal support from black voters. But then something happened: Donald Trump.

A new survey from Rasmussen Reports less than a week before crucial midterm elections on Nov. 6 show black support for POTUS at an all-time high for any Republican president at 25 percent.

Overall, the president’s approval rating is 50 percent, or six points higher than his corrupt predecessor, Barack Obama, at the same period in his miserable first term.

This should cause a massive panic among Democrats, who generally need about 85 percent of the black vote to win elections. POTUS Trump is leading the most successful black community outreach effort in the history of the modern Republican Party.

He’s being helped by rising young black conservative stars like Candace Owens, whose #Blexit (black exit) movement is taking hold just as the midterm elections come into view.

Blacks and Hispanics, better than any other ethnic group in America, know how devastating Democratic policies have been on their communities. Obviously, not all of them recognize the damage Democrats have done — to the inner cities, to their schools, to their prospects of being successful — but more are catching on.

The Democrats are hoping for a “blue wave” next week. They’re more liable to suffer election losses than the massive wins they claim are coming.

These latest polling numbers for POTUS are just the latest indicator of that.

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