(National Sentinel) National Security: The general in charge of the U.S. military force deployed to intercept approaching migrant caravans warned reporters at the Pentagon Wednesday it is “different” from earlier ones.

“This caravan is different from what we’ve seen in the past,” said Air Force Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy.

When pressed by reporters to explain that, he responded, “What we have seen is we’ve seen clearly an organization at a higher level than we’ve seen before.”

Continuing, O’Shaughnessy said, “We’ve seen violence coming out of the caravan and we’ve seen as they’ve passed other international borders, we’ve seen them behave in a nature that has not been what we’ve seen in the past.”

Breitbart News reported that two Honduran men fired at Mexican federal police in the state of Chiapas.

And on Monday, a second caravan farther south had a confrontation with Mexican police at the Guatemalan border after Mexican authorities had warned that migrants in the second caravan were arming themselves with firearms and Molotov cocktails.

One man was killed, reported noted, though it’s not clear what led to his death.

Meanwhile, O’Shaughnessy confirmed that at least 5,200 troops are currently being sent to the border, but that the number of forces could increase.

“I can tell you 5,239 is not the top line,” he said. “I say anyone who gives you a number right now is — is — is uninformed because we don’t have that number.”

However, he said, “What I can confirm is that there will be additional force over and above the 5,239.”

When asked about how U.S. troops will interact with migrants, he said Customs and Border Protection is responsible for dealing directly with them.

The general added that U.S. troops being sent are being trained on how to interact with migrants if they encounter them.

“They’re going to understand the rules for that interaction and they’ll be consistent with CBP,” he said.

One reporter — of course — asked O’Shaughnessy if deploying troops to the border was just a “political stunt” ahead of the 2018 midterm elections next week.

“I would say, that I firmly believe that border security is national security,” he responded. “And with that in mind that we are in support of [DHS] Secretary [Kirstjen] Nielsen in her efforts to secure the border.”

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