(National Sentinel) Lunacy: Leftists continue to lose their minds just a little more every day POTUS Donald Trump remains in office, and liberal billionaire Tom Steyer is no different.

The frequent POTUS critic who continues to push for his impeachment has bankrolled an ad running on Facebook that actually compares the president to one of modern history’s worst and most murderous dictators: Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.

The Daily Caller reported:

The ad features a three-minute long video that accuses the president of following a “dictator’s playbook” modeled by tyrants like Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, in addition to Hussein.

The ad describes Trump as a “malignant narcissist” and claims he is perpetuating “systemic misogyny.” The video claims Trump’s support for a border wall and attacks on the media make him comparable to dictators like Hussein and Chavez.

Steyer first published the Facebook video on Friday and on Monday began running ads promoting it, Facebook’s ad archive shows.

‘Malignant narcissist’ is a mighty fancy term and we’re not convinced that Steyer even knows what it means — or supposed to mean. But if anyone is full of self-love, it’s him; he’s got his face all over the place pushing this nonsense that the president needs to be impeached or that he’s ever going to be.

Secondly, Leftists like Steyer continue to throw hissy fits and complain that somehow POTUS Trump is denying people their constitutional and civil rights — without naming a single right he has single-handedly taken away from anyone.

In fact, if our president was the authoritarian bully that people like Steyer claim he is, how is it they are still free to criticize him and purchase ads opposing him? Wouldn’t they be behind bars rotting in jail or something even worse?

Because that’s what people like Hussein, Kim, and Chavez do or did to their political opponents.

“This disgusting ad has no place running on Facebook and the absurd comparison should be condemned by all Americans,” Republican National Committee (RNC) spokesman Steve Guest said in a statement.

He’s right, but Facebook isn’t going to pull it and Steyer’s not going to stop making his ridiculous false claims.

And they say POTUS Trump has a screw loose. Take a look in the mirror, Tom.

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